Community Award Presented

by Judy Alexander

Eight years ago, Brian Corbin and I told David Yon we would gather, sort and distribute the charitable donations garnered at the Turkey Trot. Little did we know that both of our cars would be loaded to the point that the undercarriage of the car was grazing the ground! We bought a van the following year that just barely carried the items and that was because we ditched our 3 kids! All kidding aside, we realized that the yearly growth of this successful race and the generosity of the people who continue to bring wonderful items made it necessary to have a bigger vehicle and a partnership with U-Haul was born.

The U-Haul University Center, on West Tennessee Street has continued to support GWTC year after year by donating the use of a truck for the collection and distribution of charitable donations from the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day. This year was particularly challenging because due to the many disasters that have recently occurred, U-Haul has changed the protocol for procuring truck donations. General Manager Malysa Baucum went out on a limb and charged the rental of our truck back to her store to make certain we had what we needed to get all of the wonderful items to where they needed to go.

It is with great pleasure and gratitude that I present the 2005 Gulf Winds Track Club Community Award to Malysa Baucum and the U-Haul University Center!