By Fred Deckert


If you’re looking for something a bit different in your racing or running repetoire, you should try the “Couples Caper 4K Relay” this coming Sunday. This is the only local event especially for couples. The female half of the couple starts the race and runs 4K (2.5miles) and upon her return she tags her partner who then runs another 4K to the finish. Besides the overall winner/s, there are a number of age group categories from 30 through 140 in ten year increments. Ages are combined for the couple competing. In other words a 40 year old man and 37 year old woman would total 77 and compete in the 70 – 80 age group. In addition, there will be 1st married couple, 1st sister/brother, father/daughter, mother/son, grandfather/granddaughter, grandmother/grandson categories. “Couples” T shirts are awarded to all participants.

Since the ladies start first, this is the only race other than “Women’s Distance Festival” that the women have the starting line exclusively. Uniquely, the male runners start at widely varied times and will find themselves in strange running company during the race. The faster males will find themselves playing catchup much of the time and slower ones may be desperately trying to hold off a fast closing speedster. Of course the run isn’t just about “who’s first”, it’s a nice way to do a “together” race and perhaps become better acquainted with the guy or gal you have seen running around your neighborhood or at the races. Singles will be randomly matched with partners of the opposite sex, so don’t let the lack of one keep you away.