December 10, 2003 Business Meeting Hosted by Judy Alexander & Brian Corbin

Board/GWTC Members present: Jane Johnson, David Yon, Bob Prentiss, Joe & Nadine Dexter, Jerry Ongley, Mike Sims, Judy Alexander, Brian Corbin, Charlie Yates, Bonnie Wright, Jo Lena Pace, Jeff Bryan, Lisa Unger, Fred & Margarete Deckert
Guests present:

Lisa Unger called the meeting to order at 7:38 PM and quorum was established. The November minutes were read and accepted by motion, 2nd and vote.


Equipment report – Joe Dexter reported that he had received several equipment rental fee payments, tuned the checks over to Bob and reported that all equipment is fine.

Training Committee report – Nadine Dexter reported that they were having a meeting to gather feedback from the participants including asking if there were any injuries. Also, they expect a group to do a training run at the Ultra.

Social Coordinator report – Bonnie Wright reported that the Holiday Social will be held on 12/20 at the American Legion Hall. She also announced that Jimmy Kalfas will be taking over as Social Coordinator for 2004.

Clothing Coordinator report – Margarete Deckert reported that she has collected $140.00 from sales of the new singlets so far.

Newsletter report – Fred Deckert discussed the cost of producing the Fleet Foot and that he will attempt to operate on a lower budget. He also discussed the content of the Fleet Foot and requested articles be more succinct and that a Youth Running column be included. A motion was made to appoint Fred as the Newsletter editor, which was seconded and passed by vote.

Treasurer’s report – Bob Prentiss distributed and discussed the Financial and Budget reports. Bob read a letter from the TMH Women’s Pavillion expressing their gratitude for the donation from the Tallahassee Womens Classic 5k. Bob opened a preliminary discussion concerning the proposed 2004 Operating Budget. Bob also announced that after several years of dedicated servce to GWTC, he would step down as Treasurer. Many thanks were bestowed upon Bob for his impeccable accounting of the club’s finances.

Race Director Coordinator report – Charlie Yates distributed the current race calendar expressed a commitment to maintain good communication with Fred so the Fleet Foot race calendar will be more accurate.

Chenoweth report -No report, but David advised that the Turkey Trot races were extremely successful.

Membership report – Brian Corbin reported that there are currently 843 members represented by 415 memberships. He added that approximately 30 extra memberships are the result of the Beginning Runner classes

Race Director report – no report; Triathlete report – no report ; Racing Team Coordinator report – no report; Lecture Series report – no
Lisa and Mike discussed the budget for the Annual Awards. The awards will be somewhat less than previous years and Mike & Lisa requested some of the saved money be used to purchase door prizes. A motion was made to allow the committee to purchase 10 $10.00 certificates from Sportsbeat. The motion was seconded and passed by vote. The Awards ceremony will be held on January 15th at the American Legion hall. Social time will be 7:00 to 7:30, with the ceremony beginning promptly at 7:30PM.

Jane Johnson began coordinating the 2004 Business Meeting schedule by passing around a sign up sheet. Jane also mentioned that she was contacted by the 2003 Palace Saloon 5k winner and asked if his name will be added to the trophy that resides in the bar. More research will be conducted to learn who has made the plaques in the past and if it should continue. Jane advised that race directors should not distributing unsolicited race flyers due to the new Federal Non-Solicitation laws. Jane also advised the board that Tri Eagle Snacks has offered sponsorships, but Jane questioned if a beer distributor was an appropriate sponsor for family related events. Finally, Jane expressed her gratitude for making her 2 years as President a very pleasant experience. The board in turn thanked Jane for her many contributions to the club during her 2 years.

David opened discussion about revamping the financial structure of the club be dissolving the Building Fund but establishing a “Reserve Fund”. David also asked for input on how to improve the Turkey Trot events (maybe a post race mail-out) and recognized Mary Register for her efforts in coordinating the PR for the race. Discussion was also opened concerning the possibility of establishing a club Executive Director who would be responsible for coordinating and expanding club races. There was only discussion on all topics with no resolution but a suggestion to hold another retreat to continue the discussions.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:10 PM. David Yon will host the next meeting on January 14, 2004
These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board. Lisa Unger, Secretary.


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