of the December 9, 2015 Hosted by Mark Priddy

Present: Tony Guillen, Mark Priddy, Katie Sherron, Nancy Stedman, David Yon, Herb Wills, Bill Lott, Zack Scharlepp, Mike Burns, Tom Perkins, Lisa Unger, Paul Guyas, Bobby York, Annie Bowman, Felton Wright, Amanda Hudson, Emma Spencer, Judy Alexander, Maggi Beshara, Jackie McDaniel, Bill Hillison, Amanda Hudson, Sean Hudson, Ron Harrison, Ely Rosario

The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.  Quorum was established.

The board reviewed the November minutes.  Motion to approve was made, seconded, and passed.

New Business:


Eric Godin – Update on the marathon.  Jon Manry is not involved at this time.  Ely Rosario is stepping in as co-director.  Registrations are 40 – 50 more than last year at this time and sponsorships are going well.

Jackie McDaniel – Proposed budget for the 30K / 15K.  With estimated income of $4,705 and estimated expenses (amended to reflect the general fund paying for EMS) of $4,225, motion was made to pass the budget as presented, seconded, and passed.

Bill Hillison -Proposed budget for the Bowlegs 5K. With estimated revenue of $3,300 based on 175 runners, estimated expenses of $1,850, the estimated net proceeds are $1,450.  Motion to approve the budget as present was made, seconded, and passed.

Mark Priddy – Update on the Extreme Challenge.  There are six participants left in it at the time of the meeting. 

Sean & Amanda Hudson – Proposed budget for the Springtime 10K.  The club will be timing the race this year, which is a significant savings. will be used due to an old obligation with them.  With estimated revenue of $43,759 and estimated expenses of $30,095, estimated net proceeds are $13,655.  Motion was made to pass the budget as presented, seconded, and passed.

Bobby York – Request for assistance from two organizations, Miccosukee Youth Organization Center and the Naval Sea Cadets.  Organizations wanting to put on races can utilize resources on  our web site. Those who are willing/able can offer help.

David Yon – Turkey Trot wrap up.  Although the summary is not finalized yet, David says there is at least $15k for each of the three charities that was generated by the race (verified by treasurer) and asks that the board approve cutting three $15k checks for Refuge House, the Shelter and Boys & Girls Club.  Motion was made to approve issuing the checks, seconded, and passed.

David Yon – Renewal of the club’s insurance with RRCA, an annual cost between $4,000 and $5,000.  Motion to renew the insurance was made, seconded, and passed.

Tony Guillen – Grand Prix committee.  Several members have served their 3 year term and are getting off the committee.  They are Amanda Hudson, Lisa Unger, and Vince Molosky.  The proposed replacement members are Maggi Beshara, Mike Burns, and Vicky Verano.  Motion was made to approve the new committee members as proposed, seconded, and passed.

Herb Wills – Proposed budget for the Tannenbaum 6k.  With estimated net proceeds of $228.30, motion was made to approve the budget as presented, seconded, and passed.

Old Business:

David Yon – Update on proposed Bylaw changes.  At the January meeting a final proposed draft copy will be presented to the board.  The GWTC Tri Club has requested a voting representative on the board.  After discussion, it was decided that a meeting of the Bylaws Committee open to all members to attend will be scheduled.

David Yon – Kid’s Outreach Program.  Further progress will be made in the coming month.

 Committee Reports:

Treasurer’s Report – Katie Sherron
Cash balance is on the high side this month due to Turkey Trot revenue and marathon registrations. Katie requests that any invoices for her be sent electronically. Summary amounts are $35,359.30 in the Club’s Operating account, $6,064.96 in the Events 1 account, $16,744.97 in the Events 2 account, $85,000 in the Investment account, $12,822.50 in the Chenoweth account, and $11,018.11 in the Tri Club account, making Total Assets $167,009.84. 

Membership Report – Mark Priddy  
Current GWTC membership is up 29 members from last month at 1684 members in 898 households (up 10 from November).  The Tri Club has 328 members at this time.  471 members (28%) have renewed their GWTC membership for 2016, and 86 (26%) have renewed their Tri Club membership for 2016.

Race Director Coordinator Report – Charlie Yates 
No report.

Newsletter Report – Nancy Stedman for Fred Deckert
Nothing new to report.

Clothing Coordinator Report – Maggi Beshara
All of the money spent on merchandise was made up for during the Turkey Trot packet pick up – very good sales!  Looking into specialty sports apparel.

Equipment Report – Bill Lott
All is good.

Website Committee Report – David Yon
Nothing new.

Chenoweth Fund Report – David Yon
Nothing new.

Triathlete Report – Ron Harrison
Monday night following this meeting is the holiday party and awards at Southern Public House.  Ron noted that volunteer time is a requirement to be in Grand Prix awards for the Tri Club.

Lecture Series Report – Paul Guyas
Nothing new, the talk on nutrition / fueling on 12/13/15 with Anna Busby is coming up.

Training Report – Eric Godin for Tracy Godin
Turkey Trot training went well with help of Capital City Runners.  Marathon training group going well.  Four 1 gallon coolers were purchased.  Jim & Kristen Halley will conduct a Trailblazers run on a Saturday before the Swamp Forest run.  Fun runs to continue through when Springtime Training Group starts up.

Social Report – Zack Scharlepp
The Annual Meeting on 12/6/15 had 25 – 30 in attendance.  Holiday party on the 12th in cooperation with Capital City Cyclists at Shiloh Farms.

Trail Coordinator Report – Bobby York
The Swamp Forest Marathon, Half & Quarter will be on January 3, 2016.  There are about 158 already registered for it.

At 8:47 p.m., motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and approved.


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