Seventy-nine runners and over 100 walkers turned out for the Buck Lake Alliance October Trek Oct. 23.

The race was won by Lee Willis in 17:07. Second place went to the first place woman, Breeda Dennehy-Willis in 17:47. Second male was David Ogletree in 18:44 and second female was Vicky Galano in 23:04. Masters male was Reid Vannoy at 19:02 and the masters female was Carol Winger at 26:24.

The two major comments heard at the fininsh line were, “What a beautiful course!” and “Where were the cows?” It turns out cows are more afraid of people running in their pasture than runners are of them, so they all fled into the woods.

The Buck Lake Alliance did a great job. They had plenty of volunteers. From Gulf Winds we had, among others, Tom Perkins and his lovely wife Jeanne, Bill Lott, Christine Williams, Mike LaBossiere, Lynn Powell, Jack McDermott and Gary Kenney, the last being with us in spirit only. Without the help of each one of them, the race would not have been as successful.

Complete results here.