By Jeanne O’Kon


An amazing metamorphosis has recently taken place at the Summer Track Series. Several GWTC distance runners have been transformed into sprinters!

One such track club member is the well-known Felton Wright, whose self-proclaimed favorite distance event is the 10 kilometer race. Always a distance runner, Felton has completed hundreds of long races, including the Ultra 30K event and the Ironman in Panama City. Yet, unbelievably, this committed distance runner has recently been spotted at the FSU Mike Long track, competing in the 100, 200, and 400 meter races in the Summer Grand Prix series. Literally flying down the track, Felton ran the 100 meter in 15.85 seconds, the 200 meter in 30.80 seconds, and the 400 meter in 66.93 seconds.

A similar transformation has been noticed in distance runner Bill McGuire. Although he considers himself a 5K specialist, Bill has competed in the GWTC Ten Miler, half-marathons, and even marathons. Yet amazingly, this runner transformed into a speed demon at the Summer Track Series, completing the 400 meter run in 60.81 seconds, and the 800 meter event in 2:17.60 minutes. “Many of us got ‘McGuired’ in the last 100 meters of these events,” complained Dave Rogers, a serious track runner. Bill apparently dug deep when he pulled out reserve energy to pass other competitors to finish strong in both events.

Other “regulars” seen at the Summer Track Series have also performed splendidly this summer. Fran McLean won the women’s 100 meter run in a time of 15:89 seconds (gee, wasn’t that Felton’s time?), and she won the 400 meter run in 1:15.94. Julie Clark won the women’s 200 meter run in a time of 34.78 seconds and the 800 meter run in a time of 2:49.

Hobson Fulmer continues to show his outstanding strength as a sprinter, placing second in the 100 meter run with a time of 12:92 seconds, and finishing in the top six every week. Bertram Tulloch, a new GWTC member, finished first overall in the 100, 200, and 400 meter Grand Prix events. Bertram stated that the 200 meter distance is his preferred event, and he proved it during Week Two with a first-place finish in 24:37 seconds. Scott Keatley has also been performing well, finishing second in the 200 meter event, third in the 400 meter, and second in the 800 meter run. Dave Rogers finished strong as well, placing third in the 100 meter and fifth in the 200 meter run.

While many GWTC members may be distance runners at heart, the Summer Track Series draws out another personality characteristic: the need for speed! Whether you want to run or just observe, come and join us on Thursday nights for the last four weeks of summer track!