Saturday morning saw approximately 165 5K and 26 1 mile runners leave the Junior. Museum and head for the FSU reservation. Just before reaching the Reservation, they all turned around and headed back. This course is one of the flattest you will run. Of course when you run in August, there is heat and humidity to make up for the lack of hills.

Rob Pautienus took best advantage of the conditions though and came home first in a time of 16:45. Sarah Docter-Williams led the women with a time of 18:00 minutes. Karl Hempel and Peggy Simpson won the masters divisions with times of 17:58 and 20:48. Cory Cherr was the second male, finishing is just over 17:00, at 17:01. Peggy was not only the masters winner, but also the second fastest female. Jeremy Conger ran 4:19 on a course that was a little bit shorter than a mile to win that event. Brynne Perry was the first female in a time of 5:33.

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