Everhart Invitational Report

Herb Wills, September 12, 2019

Skye Williams and Patrick Koon just keep winning at the Everhart Invitational”

And here are some photos of the races:

2019 Everhart Invitational (Girls) 12 September 2019

2019 Everhart Invitational (Boys) 12 September 2019

Youth Running

Rocket Man

Rocket Man

Some Striders and SMIRFs say it may go down as the best SMIRF practice ever.  It was the day Rocket Man came to practice. It was also Monday, July 5, and a light rain had been falling but had now stopped.  On Friday, July 2, I had told the kids they could take Monday,...

After five weeks and six meets, Leon County Schools' 2019 middle school cross-country season is over. And just like each year since 2010, the season ended with the League Championship Meet at Apalachee Regional Park. When the NCAA meet comes here in 2021,...