Business Meeting, February 9, 2000 Home of Charlie & Linda Yates

Board members present: Paul Hiers, Cynthia Christen, Julie Clark, Rex Cleveland, Mae Cleveland, Brian Corbin, Joe Dexter, Paul Hoover, Gary Kenney, Tom Perkins, Lynn Powell, Bob Prentiss, Will Walker, David Yon, Margarete Deckert, Sarah Doctor-Williams

Guests present: Fred Deckert, Erin Shepard, Charlie Yates, Gary Griffin

Paul Hiers, president, called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.

Minutes from the January meeting were distributed. The minutes were approved.

Gary Griffin distributed the Marathon/Half Marathon final report. The race netted approximately $2000 with a $1000 not yet collected from a sponsor. It was accepted.

Gary Griffin requested use of the clock for Relay for Life event. Gary pointed out that there is always several local races on the weekend of this event and the club is down to one working clock. The board assured him that a clock would be make available for relay for life.

A thank-you letter from Ann Draper was distributed from the Big Bend Track Club P.O.S.S.E. event. Several of the runners wrote thank you notes also.

The Women’s Distance Festival date is established as October 7th.

Paul Hiers presented the Springtime budget and it was approved. The race is going forward without a major sponsor.

Will Walker presented the Palace Saloon budget and it was approved.

A reference was made to the Democrat Article “Calling All Clubs.” Judy Alexander will make sure that GWTC will be entered. Also, comments were made about the March Runner’s World article featuring Tallahassee.

Commendations were spoken of the awards ceremony and the work that the awards committee did. There were also statements of concern over the rising costs of the awards.

The next lecture series will be featuring Mae Cleveland.

Sarah Docter-Williams announced the Springtime 10K breakfast social will be March 17 at Myer’s Park. She is also organizing a silent auction. Sarah listed some of the items already collected, but a lot more items are needed. Sarah requested each member of the board to bring in 2 items. The auction will be held at Jane Johnson’s house. The goal is $3000.

Brian Corbin presented the membership report. There are presently 589 members. This is approximately 200 members lower than last year at this time.

Joe Dexter reported some figures on purchasing a new clock. He and Tom Perkins were unsuccessful in getting the big clock repaired locally. The big clock was purchased by the club 17 years ago, but it was manufactured over 20 years ago. It was agreed that we should send the clock to an authorized repair shop in California to see what they can do with it. It will cost $50 plus shipping to have them look at it. The delayed making a decision until after the treasurer report. A Race Equipment Rental Policies and Procedures Guide was distributed.

Bob Prentiss presented the treasurer report that was generated using Quicken. He requested permission to receive the bank statements directly at his home address and this was approved. Concerns were expressed about the revenues not meeting the current expenditures.

Margarete Deckert requested authorization to purchase new singlets. The board’s decision has been tabled to next meeting when she will come back with some figures for the board to review.

Revisited the clock issue. The motion to purchase a 6″ double sided clock was approved.

The meeting was adjourned.

Everyone had cake & ice cream to celebrate Charlie Yates’ birthday.


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