for February 13, 2019 Hosted by Judy Alexander

Board Members Present: Paul Guyas, Alyssa Terry, David Yon, Mary Jean Yon, Chika Okoro, Herb Wills, Jim Halley, Kristin Halley, Laura McDermott, Tom Biance, Laryn Flikkema, Judy Alexander, & Mark Priddy.

Others Present: Bill Lott, Dominic Milner, Sonya Dudley, Nancy Stedman, and Jay Silvanima.

The President called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. and a quorum was established.

The Board approved the minutes from the January meeting without objection.

Officer Announcements

2019 board meeting hosts – Alyssa Terry, Secretary
Alyssa passed around a sign-up sheet for board members to choose the meetings throughout this year that they will be able to host.

Change in due dates – Alyssa Terry, Secretary
Alyssa requested that all reports from board members for each board meeting be submitted to her on the Saturday prior to the meeting by noon.

Equipment Manager – Bill Lott
A motion for Tec Thomas to become GWTC’s equipment manager was made, seconded, and passed unanimously. Bill Lott added that he and Kat Sack will continue to assist Tec.

Old Business

Review of the Bylaws and position descriptions – Tom Biance
Tom inquired more information on the bylaw that determines which board members get a vote during board meetings. He further stated that he believes it may be best that this bylaw is modified to allow more board members to have voting rights. Paul Guyas responded that the current bylaws were ratified on 02/10/2016, and they will be required to have another meeting by 02/10/2021 due to an established rule that this committee is to meet at least every five years. It was then stated that the GWTC bylaw committee will be emailed regarding this inquiry and will meet if it is deemed necessary.

New Business

“State of chip timing” report – Bill Hillison

Bill Hillison provided a report on GWTC’s Chip Timing equipment rental and usage. The total number of runners chip timed by GWTC from 6/1/12 to 2/12/19 was 108,610. Total net revenue and direct savings to date was $191,287. From 2012 through 2019, GWTC has timed 57,238 runners. Moreover, while the total cost of chip timing equipment has totaled $85,505, the net revenue from timing non-club races was $95,207.

Wrap up for the 2019 Bowlegs Run for Scholarship – Bill Hillison 
Bill Hillison presented the wrap up for the 2019 Bowlegs Run for Scholarship that occurred on January 12, 2019. This race resulted in a total revenue of $2,354.00, total expenses of $1,203.00, and net proceeds of $1,151.00. Bill also reported there was a total of $1,350.00 of donations from race sponsors’ and other individuals that will go directly to the Scholarship Fund. Bill then requested that 100% of the net proceeds be provided to the Scholarship Fund; a motion was made, seconded, and approved unanimously.

Corporate Governance: Conflict of Interest Statements and Ethics Policy – David Yon
David provided GWTC board members with the Gulf Winds Track Club Conflict-of-Interest Policy. Board members were asked to sign this policy and return it at the next board meeting in March.

Road Race and Health Fair – David Yon
David encouraged GWTC members to attend the Road Race and Health Fair at Conley Elementary School on 04/6/2019. He will work with Tom Biance to have a GWTC table at this event to promote running and walking.

Timing Committee – Bill Hillison
Bill requested a Timing Committee in order to resolve chip timing issues and bring forth some recommendations on how to enhance and continue GWTC chip timing. Bill Hillison, Bill Lott, Peg Griffin, Chris O’Kelley, and Joseph Petty would all like to be members of the Timing Committee. Paul Guyas agreed that a GWTC Timing Committee would be beneficial and appointed the committee with the previously mentioned five members. Judy Alexander then made a motion to provide the Timing Committee with up to $4,200 to replace the remaining two older computers utilized for GWTC chip timing; two motions were made to amend this motion to: 1) allow Peg Griffin to use her discretion on how many new computers to buy and 2) increase the available money amount to $4,300. This motion with the two amendments was seconded and approved unanimously. A motion was then made to provide the Timing Committee with the money necessary to replace the antennas for the timing mats, which cost approximately $400 each; however, it was determined that the appointed Timing Committee will assess all of its current equipment and determine which equipment will need to be replaced. Finally, Jim Halley and Herb Wills were appointed to also become members of the Timing Committee.  

Trail work coordinators for TMBA – Dominic Milner & Sonya Dudley
Dominic stated that the Tallahassee Mountain Bik Association (TMBA) would like to invite GWTC members to join in on their monthly trail work day. However, it was discussed how TMBA’s scheduled monthly trail work days are consistently on Saturday mornings, which is not ideal for runners who often participate in GWTC races on Saturday mornings. It was determined that TMBA should coordinate with Jim Halley, GWTC’s trail coordinator, in order to schedule a trail work day that would work well for GWTC members. Dominic stated his one concern regarding whether GWTC’s insurance would cover trail work days; David Yon stated he believes GWTC’s insurance would be able to cover these events and will investigate more to be sure. Dominic also reported that Ed Sutton from Trail Dynamics, who was in Tallahassee 10 years ago to help work on creating trails, is coming back in April with four other individuals to help maintain Tom Brown Park. In order to enable them to stay for an extra week, the city of Tallahassee has to raise $15,000; therefore, Dominic asked GWTC to donate $1,000 for this cause. A motion was made to donate $1,000 to this cause, which was amended to include that our donation is contingent on whether the necessary total amount of $15,000 is raised. This amended motion was seconded and approved. Paul then appointed a Trail Committee to move forward with coordinating trail clean-up days. Dominic Milner agreed to initially coordinate the GWTC Trail Committee, and Jim Halley and Sonya Dudley also agreed to be on this committee. 

Wrap up of the ultra – Nancy Stedman and Jay Silvanima
Nancy Stedman and Jay Silvanima presented the wrap up for the 38th Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic which was held on December 8, 2018. This race resulted in a total revenue of $7,568.00, total expenses of $4,568.35, and net proceeds of $2,999.65. Nancy and Jay requested that half of the proceeds go to Friends of Wakulla Springs, a non-profit organization that does good work and funds projects at Wakulla Springs. A motion was made to approve providing a check in the amount of $1,500.00 to Friends of Wakulla Springs; this motion was seconded and approved unanimously.

Establishment of a consent agenda – Jim Halley
Jim proposed GWTC utilize a consent agenda for agenda items that do not require a vote from board members. The board agreed to attempt this method to see whether it will be beneficial.

Tallahassee becoming trail friendly town – Jim Halley
Jim reported that the Department of Environmental Protection is interested in naming Tallahassee as a “trail friendly town.” Jim then offered to assist in this process.

Establishing a budget for monthly board meetings – Jim Halley
Jim proposed a budget for refreshments at monthly board meetings. A motion was made for there to be a $100 budget for refreshments, which was seconded and approved unanimously.

GWTC Events One checking account – Bill Lott 
Bill Lott asked the board for guidance on naming someone to be responsible for the GWTC Events One checking account since Vince Molosky, who was doing that job, l has moved away from Tallahassee. The board agreed to table this agenda item for next month in order for Bill to have time to obtain more information.

Policy for reviewing and signing contracts – Tom Biance
Tom inquired whether there is a GWTC policy that determines who is capable of reviewing and signing contracts for the club. Paul stated there is not a current policy. Paul then appointed David Yon, Tom Biance, and Nancy Stedman to a committee responsible for developing a policy on reviewing and signing GWTC contracts.  

2019 Palace Saloon 5k Budget – Mark Priddy
Mark Priddy presented the proposed budget for the 2019 Palace Saloon 5k. The budget included an estimated total revenue of $14,500.00, estimated total expenses of $10,054.05, and estimated net proceeds of $4,446.00. Mark will request that 50% of the overall proceeds remain with GWTC and the other 50% of the overall proceeds be donated to charities; of that 50% to charities, 75% will be given to Parkinson’s Outreach Association and 25% will be given to Palmer Munroe Teen Center.  A motion was made to approve the budget for the 2019 Palace Saloon 5k budget, seconded, and approved unanimously.

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report – Laryn Flikkema
Laryn provided the board with Gulf Winds Track Club’s Statement of Financial Position as of January 31, 2019. Gulf Winds Track Club’s Statement of Financial Position reads as follows: total assets of $268,043.75. GWTC’s Statement of Activity from July 1, 2018 – January 31, 2019 includes a gross profit of $213,689.71, total expenditures of $159,284.75, and net revenue of $54,404.96. GWTC’s monthly statement of activity for January includes a monthly gross profit of $25,038.11, total expenditures of $36,344.76 and net revenue of -$11,306.65.

Equipment Report – Bill Lott & Tec Thomas
Bill reported one drink cooler leaks, so a new drink cooler will be purchased for $45. Bill also stated that Tec Thomas will need assistance renting out GWTC equipment.

Triathlete Report – Wayne Thumm
Nothing new to report.

Membership Report –Mark Priddy
Mark provided board members with copies of GWTC’s membership application brochures which includes a Gulf Winds overview, club operation, race schedule, and membership information.

Training Report – Thomas Biance 
Thomas stated that the Jeff Galloway presentation on February 6 provided GWTC members with lots of good information and was enjoyed by all who attended. Thomas recognized Chika for initiating contact with Jeff last fall.

Education and Lecture Coordinator Report – Chris Stanley
Nothing new to report.

Race Director Coordinator Report – Mary Jean Yon
Mary Jean reported there is a meeting for GWTC race directors this Sunday at the Yon’s house.

Trail Coordinator Report –Jim Halley
Jim stated that Trail Blazers will be starting up shortly after Springtime.

Chenoweth Fund Report – David Yon
David reported that the committee received a funding request for Coach Harry Jacobs at Jefferson City High School (Monticello) for $1500.  The funds, if approved, will be used to buy equipment and help with travel expenses.  David reports the fund has now awarded over $141,000 in grants to 228 entities or people. Moreover, he stated the SMIRF’s will be happening again this summer, and he is hoping to find more ways to support youth running.

Clothing Coordinator Report –Laura McDermott and Sherri Wise
Laura reported $5,600.20 worth of merchandise was sold at the Gulf Winds Track Club’s 15k/30k and the Tallahassee Marathon/Half Marathon/Relay expo. Laura and Sherri sold 92 Tallahassee Marathon jackets at the expo, and another 18 jackets were sold online. The clothing coordinators are now looking into possibly selling visors and bib clips.

Timing Committee – Peg Griffin
Nothing new to report.

Website Committee Report – David Yon
David reports that he and Peg met with Taproot to discuss a new design for the website.

Social Report –Joseph Petty & Vicky Droze
Nothing new to report.

Newsletter Report – Fred Deckert 
Nothing new to report.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded and passed. The meeting adjourned at 9:09 pm.

Alyssa Terry, Secretary


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