Final Boys Honor Roll as of May 5, 2008

Prepared by Chris Sumner: Yellow marks state elite, red marks national elite
100m Dash       110m Hurdles      
Antwon Frost East Gadsden Rickards Home Meet 10.85 Kevin Harrison Rickards North Florida Relays 14.92
Greg Harris Rickards Jesse Forbes Invite 10.86 Lorenzo Holmes Chiles 3A Region 1 14.96
Jajuan Harley Rickards Jesse Forbes Invite 10.88 Kenneth Bryant FAMU Rickards Home Meet 15.29
Charles Wilson Godby Jesse Forbes Invite 10.89 Max Lang Maclay 1A District 3 15.54
Jeff Davis Sneads 1A Region 1 10.94 Alex Taylor FAMU 1A Region 1 15.61
200m Dash       300m Hurdles      
Kevin Green Rickards 2A District 2 22.18 Darius Jones Rickards 2A State Finals 38.37
Antwon Frost East Gadsden 2A Region 1 22.21 Lorenzo Holmes Chiles 3A Region 1 39.90
Davey Lattimore Chiles 3A Region 1 22.52 Richard Johnson Chiles 3A Region 1 40.48
Troy Curry FAMU 1A State Finals 22.54 Kevin Harrison Rickards 2A Region 1 40.76
Donteris Huggins Madison Co 2A District 2 22.62 Carl Knowles Chiles FSU Relays 40.85
400m Dash       4x100m Relay      
Joseph Franklin Godby Godby Home Meet 48.83 Rickards 42.17 Jesse Forbes Invite  
Jabriel Giddins Rickards 2A State Finals 48.89 Godby 42.47 Jesse Forbes Invite  
Lavon McMillan Godby 2A Region 1 49.48 Lincoln 42.64 3A Region 1  
Tracey Holmes Rickards Jesse Forbes Invite 50.28 East Gadsden 43.23 2A Region 1  
Sam McManama Maclay City Championship 50.39 Madison County 43.52 2A District 2  
800m Run       4x400m Relay      
Joseph Franklin Godby Jesse Forbes Invite 1:53.38 Rickards 3:18.74 FSU Relays  
Whitney Strickland NFC 1A State Finals 1:56.55 Godby 3:19.36 2A State Finals  
Dominic Nichols Leon City Championship 1:58.33 Chiles 3:23.56 3A Region 1  
Billy Naylor Wewahitchka 1A Region 1 1:59.08 Leon 3:23.98 3A Region 1  
Terrell Bryant Godby 2A State Finals 1:59.13 Florida High 3:27.01 2A District 2  
1600m Run       4x800m Relay      
Joseph Franklin Godby Florida Relays 4:09.13 Chiles 8:10.91 3A State Finals  
Whitney Strickland NFC FSU Relays 4:25.74 Godby 8:13.95 Florida Relays  
Robert Beazley Leon 3A Region 1 4:26.72 Maclay 8:17.06 1A State Finals  
Billy Naylor Wewahitchka 1A State Finals 4:28.72 Leon 8:26.06 Godby Home Meet  
Matt Mizereck Leon Leon Home Meet 4:29.79 Florida High 8:42.02 Leon Home Meet  
3200m Run              
Joseph Franklin Godby FSU Relays 9:15.18        
Matt Mizereck Leon 3A State Finals 9:28.81        
Will Stanford Leon 3A State Finals 9:32.56        
Daniel Miletich Chiles Bolles Bulldog Classic 9:42.03        
Patrick Swain Maclay Bolles Bulldog Classic 9:54.83        
High Jump              
Willie Downs Godby 2A District 2 6’5″        
BJ Daniels Lincoln Leon Home Meet 6’4″        
Cavon Cox Blountstown 1A State Finals 6’4″        
Marcus Walker Leon Leon Home Meet 6’3″        
Darius Redding Godby 2A District 2 6’3″        
Pole Vault              
Warren Lickson Chiles City Championship 14’6″        
Brandon Bassett Chiles FSU Relays 14’5.25″        
Parker Harris Port St. Joe Bay County Mini 14’0″        
Max Lang Maclay 1A State Finals 14’0″        
Harrison Stierwalt Chiles FSU Relays 13’5.25″        
Long Jump              
Dontrious Gee East Gadsden 2A State Finals 22’9.5″        
Lavorrie Johnson Godby Lincoln Home Meet 22’7″        
Willie Downs Godby City Championship 22’2.5″        
Quayshun Smith Godby City Championship 21’11”        
Santuan McGee Florida High 2A District 2 21’11”        
Triple Jump              
Willie Downs Godby 2A State Finals 50’5.75″        
Quayshun Smith Godby 2A District 2 47′.5″        
Keith Edwards Godby 2A Region 1 45’1.25″        
Greg Harris Rickards 2A District 2 45’1″        
Alex Taylor FAMU 1A State Finals 44’8.5″        
Hunter Poole Lincoln 3A State Finals 158’7″        
Devin Screen Godby 2A Region 1 145’8″        
Padric Scott Lincoln Bob Hayes Invitational 138’5.25″        
Keith Carter NFC 1A Region 1 138’2″        
Raymond Henry Chiles FSU Relays 135’10”        
Shot Put              
Hunter Poole Lincoln Bob Hayes Invitational 51’8.5″        
Travis Dailey Port St. Joe 1A Region 1 47’5.5″        
Rashad Ford West Gadsden 1A Region 1 47’1.75″        
Padric Scott Lincoln Lincoln Home Meet 47’0″        
Josh Major NFC 1A Region 1 46’3.75″        

Meets Included

Rickards Relays     State Elite  
Panhandle Open     National Elite  
Lincoln Home Meet        
Chiles Relays        
Jesse Forbes Invitational        
Godby Home Meet        
Bay County Mini Meet        
Bolles Bulldog Classic        
FAMU Relays        
Leon Home Meet        
Maclay Small Schools Meet        
Rutherford Ram Relays        
Bob Hayes Invitational 100m & 200m excluded because of high winds.
Rickards Home Meet        
North Florida Relays        
Elite Classic        
Tallahassee City Championship        
Chiles Freshman/Sophmore Meet        
Maclay Mini Meet        
1st Rehab Invite        
FSU Relays        
Florida Relays        
Capital City Classic        
2A District 2        
2A District 1        
1A District 3        
3A District 2        
2A Region 1        
1A Region 1        
3A Region 1        
1A State Finals        
2A State Finals        
3A State Finals