Final Cross Country Honor Roll 2007

Complied by Chris Sumner 11-11-07.  Please note that times are not as comparative in cross country as they are in track.  Each course is different and the change in terrain and weather can effect the times drastically.  The list is based off times, but do not necessarily indicate who is better than the other, therefore I’m not putting places on the list.

Joseph Franklin Godby Southern Stars Invitational 15:27
Matt Mizereck Leon Southern Stars Invitational 15:40
Daniel Miletich Chiles Panhandle Championship 16:02
Will Stanford Leon Southern Stars Invitational 16:06
Whitney Strickland NFC 1A State Final 16:08
Robert Beazley Leon 3A Region 1 16:19
Patrick Swain Maclay 1A State Final 16:19
Zach Andrews Chiles 3A Region 1 16:22
Josh Brown Chiles 3A Region 1 16:23
Dominic Nichols Leon 3A Region 1 16:29
Nathan Driber Leon 3A Region 1 16:40
Calvin Vannoy Chiles 3A Region 1 16:45
Riley Doherty Leon 3A Region 1 16:50
Tyler Braman Chiles Panhandle Championship 16:53
Billy Naylor Wewa 3A Region 1 16:58
Alicia Fenley Maclay Southern Stars Invitational 18:51
Kara Taylor Chiles 3A District 1 19:08
Maria Harper Chiles 3A State Finals 19:26
Laura Hempel Rickards Panhandle Championship 19:27
Emily Ness Maclay Panhandle Championship 19:29
Claire Stodghill Leon 3A District 1 19:45
Jodie McGuff Chiles Panhandle Championship 19:46
Brooke Eubanks Leon State 3A Finals 19:51
Kaia Hampton Chiles 3A District 1 19:51
Shelby Salimone Maclay 1A Region 1 19:55
Kendall Andrews Chiles Panhandle Championship 19:57
Summer Shepherd Leon 3A Region 1 19:58
Katy Swain Maclay 1A State Final 20:03
Georgia Mitchell Lincoln Panhandle Championship 20:09
Brynne Ridgewell Chiles Bail-N-Trail 20:16