Girls Honor Roll

As of 4-23-07, Last for regular season Yellow - State Elite performance, Red - National elite performance
Girls Honor Roll     As of 4-23-07, Last for regular season Yellow – State Elite performance, Red – National elite performance
100m Dash       100m Hurdles      
Kayla Parker P.S. Joe 11.95 1A Region 1 Kayla Parker P.S. Joe 14.99 1A State Finals
Lauren Smith Rickards 12.09 2A Region 1 Ashante Richardson Chiles 15.30 Capital City Classic
Tracey Rivers Lincoln 12.10 Lincoln Home Meet Emily Ness Maclay 15.94 1A State Finals
Raven Robinson FAMU 12.36 1A State Finals Trishay Bryant Godby 16.13 2A Region 1
Miesha Jones Rickards 12.43 2A District 2 Kiara Gay Wakulla 16.48 2A District 2
200m Dash       300m Hurdles      
Kayla Parker P.S. Joe 25.00 1A Region 1 Ashante Richardson Chiles 45.23 3A Region 1
Tracey Rivers Lincoln 25.21 3A District 2 Emily Ness Maclay 45.68 1A State Finals
Lauren Smith Rickards 25.23 2A State Finals Mariah Johnson P.S. Joe 46.54 1A District 3
Meisha Jones Rickards 25.62 2A Region 1 Anna Carvalho Maclay 47.58 Capital City Classic
Ena Johnson FL High 25.75 2A Region 1 Ana Da Torres FL High 47.62 2A Region 1
400m Dash       4x100m      
Elizabeth Ichite FL High 58.46 2A Region 1 FL High 48.50   2A State Finals
Keirsten Caldwell Leon 59.37 3A Region 1 Lincoln 49.08   3A Region 1
Alicia Fenley Maclay 1:00.02 1A District 3 Rickards 50.11   Rickards Relays
Evon Sanders E Gadsden 1:00.05 2A District 2 Graceville 51.02   1A State Finals
Ena Johnson FL High 1:00.26 FSU Relays Cottondale 51.19   1A Region 1
800m Run       4x400m      
Alicia Fenley Maclay 2:17.50 Maclay Bring Your Best FL High 4:00.16   2A State Finals
Courtney Whitehead Lincoln 2:22.47 3A Region 1 Maclay 4:03.13   1A State Finals
Evon Sanders E Gadsden 2:26.01 2A Region 1 Rickards 4:09.34   Lincoln Home Meet
Tosin Odedina Chiles 2:27.78 3A Region 1 E Gadsden 4:10.50   Florida Relays
Katy Swain Maclay 2:29.35 1A District 3 Chiles 4:14.69   Carrollton Relays
1600m Run       4x800m      
Alicia Fenley Maclay 5:19.21 FSU Relays Maclay 9:52.89   Bolles Bulldog Classic
Katy Swain Maclay 5:22.45 1A State Finals Lincoln 10:24.80   3A Region 1
Julia Bryant Chiles 5:28.20 3A Region 1 FL High 10:29.06   Florida Relays
Kara Taylor Chiles 5:28.70 3A Region 1 Leon 10:40.79   3A District 2
Maria Harper Chiles 5:32.60 FAMU Relays Chiles 10:48.22   Chiles Relays
3200m Run              
Julia Bryant Chiles 11:28.29 3A State Finals        
Katy Swain Maclay 11:34.31 FSU Relays        
Kara Taylor Chiles 11:44.04 3A State Finals        
Georgia Mitchell Lincoln 11:49.98 Jesse Forbes Invite        
Adriana Piekarewicz Maclay 12:15.46 Jesse Forbes Invite        
Samone Smiley P.S. Joe 112’7″ 1A Region 1        
Amanda Wright Lincoln 105’0″ Capital City Classic        
Jazmyne Simmons Lincoln 104’1.5″ 3A Region 1        
Raven Otway Chiles 97’2″ City Championship        
Katrina Aikens Madison County 90’1″ 2A District 3        
High Jump              
Dorian Corbett FL High 5’4″ City Championship        
Christine Dilworth Lincoln 5’2″ Chiles Fresh/Soph Meet        
Cache Heidel FAMU 5’0″ Jesse Forbes Invite        
Ereecy McNeal Rickards 4’10” Lincoln Home Meet        
Courtney Whitehead Lincoln 4’8″ Lincoln Home Meet        
Long Jump              
Traci Lewis East Gadsden 18’8″ 2A Region 1        
Kayla Parker P.S. Joe 18’7″ 1A Region 1        
Traci Rivers Lincoln 18’1″ City Championship        
Deona Jones Cottondale 17’4.5″ 1A Region 1        
Aiesha Samailia FL High 17’1″ City Championship        
Pole Vault              
Laura Kuhse Maclay 10’6″ FSU Relays        
Stephanie Wernke Chiles 10’0″ Carrollton Relays        
Carter McMillan FL High 9’0″ Small Schools Meet        
Maria Harper Chiles 9’0″ Carrollton Relays        
Colson Barnes Maclay 9’0″ 1A District 3        
Shot Put              
Samone Smiley P.S. Joe 38’1.25″ 1A State Finals        
Jazmyne Simmons Lincoln 36’7″ Lincoln Home Meet        
Jeniscia Baker Godby 36’6″ Lincoln Home Meet        
Jazmaun Hall Jefferson County 34’2″ Lincoln Home Meet        
Laura Sroka Lincoln 33’10” Lincoln Home Meet        
Triple Jump              
Michelle Jenije NFC 39’5.5″ 1A Region 1        
Shade Gardner NFC 37’3.25″ 1A District 3        
Laura Kuhse Maclay 35’5.25″ 1A State Finals        
Markeisha Grant FL High 32’8.5″ FAMU Relays        
Cache Heidel FAMU 32’6″ City Championship