The Grand Prix Committee seeks nominations for the annual GWTC awards to recognize outstanding accomplishments of club members. Nominations are due December 1, 2001, to any member of the Grand Prix Committee. At least a paragraph supporting the reasons for nomination would be appreciated.

Members of the Grand Prix Committee include the following:
Doug Gorton
Paul Hiers
Jack McDermott
Bonnie Benge
Mike Sims

Below are descriptions of each award and a list of the past winners.

Runner of the Year (Female and Male)
In naming its Runners of the Year, Gulf Winds Track Club seeks to honor those who, besides achieving outstanding times in the past year at various distances in local, regional, and national events, have served as models for all of us in their competitive spirit, their continuing devotion to the sport, and their support and encouragement of their fellow runners, both individually and as members of Gulf Winds.
2000 Winners – Fran McLean & Greg Waddell

Community Award
To an organization or individual who over a period of years, through financial or other contributions, has supported running in the community at large.
2000 Winner – Manny Joanos

Volunteer Award
To a person deemed representative of those club members who contribute hours of time assisting in club activities and who often go unrecognized by the club at large.
2000 Winners – Gary & Peg Griffin

Race Director
In recognition of a GWTC member who has taken a major responsibility in production of quality events, especially those favored by GWTC runners, whether by initiation or direction of the event or by coordination of a major aspect of such event.
2000 Winner – Paul Hiers

Cleveland-Caldwell Advancement of the Sport
The award is given in recognition of those who make significant contributions to the advancement of the sport, whether through research, education or some other area of expertise.
2000 Winner – David Yon

Triathlete of the Year
This award will be given to a GWTC triathlete, active in the club, whose love of triathlons is demonstrated not only in competition, but also in commitment, service & inspiration.
2000 Winner – Malissa Auker

GWTC Hall of Fame
Individuals who have brought respect to the Gulf Winds Track Club through their contributions, activities, and running accomplishments, and who have played a major role in shaping the ideals of the club are recognized when inducted into our Hall of Fame.
2000 Winner – Tom Perkins