Gulf Winds Family,

 We are writing to inform you of several  updates. First of all, we have decided to officially cancel the 2020 Grand Prix competition. With the current status of the COVID-19 pandemic, we do not want to pressure any race director or potential participant to do anything they wouldn’t otherwise do if it wasn’t for the crisis. Any remaining races that are on the 2020 schedule can still be held if the race director chooses to hold that event. If it is held and one chooses to participate, then that person would simply not receive any Grand Prix points. Additionally, we are deliberately delaying a decision on what to do with the 2021 Grand Prix competition, and we are debating a few ideas. We will finalize a decision later this year. If and when we do open the application process, we’ll be sure to post it on the GWTC website.

We will not be giving Grand Prix awards for 2020. Additionally, we will not have some major awards such as the male and female runners of the year, male and female triathletes of the year, and race director of the year. The sample size was simply too small to consider those awards. However, we will, at the very least, consider several awards. We are accepting nominations for the community award, volunteer of the year, advancement of the sport award, and hall of fame. On top of that, we are allowing folks to create specialized awards for consideration. If you think somebody has accomplished a special feat, please let us know. Keep in mind that our wording is particular in that we are merely considering awards. Just because somebody is the only person in a unique category doesn’t meant that we’ll give that award if there isn’t an overwhelmingly strong case presented to us. Please be very thoughtful when making your argument. We also want for you all to inform us of your favorite trail in the Tallahassee area. We will have everyone vote on the top three nominations.

That being said, the upcoming awards ceremony for this year may not be at Goodwood or presented in its typical status. In the coming months, we will be determining the awards and the venue, which may potentially be online or in person. We also will be deliberating the best calendar date for this ceremony. We are also examining our annual holiday party and determining if it will be safe enough to be held and within the annual budget.

It has been one crazy year! Everybody is taking things one day and one situation at a time. Stay safe and run well!

 Best Regards,

GWTC Grand Prix Committee