To Infinity and Beyond! – GWTC Fellowship


Judy Alexander, 


“Are you a member of the Gulf Winds Track Club?”
“Gosh, no (little embarrassed laugh). I’m not nearly fast enough to belong to that group but one of these days I hope to be!”

“How about joining Gulf Winds?”
“Oh, I don’t have time to be a member of a running club. I’m way too busy! How often do you have to meet?”

“You’re new in town? We’d love for you to join GWTC; it’s a great way to meet new people and get to know the area.”
“Wonderful! We were members of our running club back home and we miss it.”

Do any of these little conversation starters sound familiar? Perhaps you used to be one of those people who thought they had to maintain a certain pace or put in a certain number of hours, or whatever, to become a member of GWTC. Or maybe you were new to the area and running helped you get acclimated. And now you know: There is simply nothing keeping anyone from joining Gulf Winds!

Yes, corny as it sounds, I love this running club! My husband rolls his eyes when I unabashedly run to the car to grab a Gulf Winds membership flyer because somebody in the group we’re chatting with mentions they’ve wanted to join but haven’t gotten around to it. I love wearing my Gulf Winds jersey – and seeing others in theirs – to out of town races and having people walk up and ask me about the club. I simply can’t imagine anyone not wanting to be a part of this group of amazing athletes…yes, athletes of all skill levels! As of this writing, Gulf Winds is 1,149 members strong and growing every month. If you know people who are (or who support) runners, joggers, and walkers, encourage them to become members and be sure they know everyone is welcome. And if you have any suggestions about how to improve the club – more socials, more beginning/advanced running groups, or anything else – please don’t hesitate to let me know. GWTC is all about its members!

One of my favorite events happens on June 5th, the Pot Luck Bash! Staged at Forestmeadows Tennis Center and run on the beautiful and technical trails behind it, this prediction run is one you really don’t want to miss. Bring a dish and stay afterwards for the low country boil, live music, and special Chenoweth awards to area youth runners. Proceeds benefit the Chenoweth Endowment Fund, so while you’re having a great time, you are also contributing to a great cause!

As I mentioned in a previous newsletter, the Summer Track Series starts this month! The fun begins June 3rd for 8 Thursdays through July 22nd. I’ve heard rumblings about an extra multi-discipline event that may happen during one of the series’ final evenings…stay tuned!