During an emotional evening, Captain Will Walker’s Brigade stomped around the Leon County track leading GWTC’s effort to contribute to the fight against cancer. Club members raised over $1,300 to contribute to the cause. Not only that, but this year the team responded to the challenge from the Navy Reserve Team to finish first – running 476 laps (119 miles) during the event. The Navy team, which won the match up last year, was right behind with 424 trips around the oval. The relay began Friday night around 6:15 with a walk around the track by all of the cancer survivors that were present and it ended Saturday morning at 11:00 with everyone joining in for a last lap. In between was a moving tribute to those fighting cancer.

The event organizer estimated that over $200,000 would be raised as a result of the relay. Gulf Winds members Gary and Peg Griffin were key participants in making this event such a success and expressed their appreciation for the Club’s participation. They have been working on this event for months and were on site as early as 5:30 Friday morning. Neither one of them ever went home. This is the second year GWTC has participated and, I think, the third year for the event. We easily filled our 15 person roster and should think about fielding two teams next year. Many of the over 80 teams set up tents and spent the night by the track. Most people just walked to be a part of the event. Debbie Hellings completed the most laps with 213 trips. Ken Barker was not far behind with 208. Ken completed one lap for each of those people he knew that had been impacted by cancer.

Here is a list of the club’s participants and the number of laps they ran:

1. 	Judy Alexander         44
2. 	Cynthia Christen       24
3. 	Ron Christen	       45
4. 	Chuck Davis	       36
5. 	Paul Hiers             24
6. 	Peg Griffin            14
7. 	Paul Hoover            33
8. 	Pheona Kaiser          24
9. 	Gary Kenney            62
10. 	Amy Magnuson           30
11. 	Tom Perkins            25
12. 	Lynn Powell            37
13. 	Megan Smeaton          14
14. 	David Yon	       40
15. 	Mary Jean Yon          24

	        Total          476