While many of us stayed home the weekend of Nov. 5-6 and took the easy out dodging alligators, a couple of club members hit the road for some spectacular performances. The longest run clearly goes to Rex Cleveland who successfully completed the JFK 50 Miler in Hagerstown, Maryland in a time of 11 hours and 38 minutes. That placed him 509 out of over 700 runners. Not bad for a guy who used the Chicago Marathon for his major training run.

In New York City, Phillip Yon became the first GWTC member I know of to wheel the marathon distance completing the course in 4:16:50 placing him 30th out of 73 wheelchair finishers. An inspirational finish! Kelly Tucker went the distance in 3:40:13 to give her a 508th place finish among the women and 4980 overall. Finally Lidia Burns completed the event in 7:01:24 for the Achilles Track Club. Over 25,000 traditionally run this event.

If you know of others who competed out of town this weekend email David Yon.