Hall of Fame Award

Presented by Judy Alexander

Individuals who have brought respect to the Gulf Winds Track Club through their contributions, activities, and running accomplishments, and who have played a major role in shaping the ideals of the club are recognized when inducted into our Hall of Fame.

As always, when it came time to send in nominations for annual awards, I was surprised when I didn’t see this year’s HoF inductee on the list. That made it easy to decide whom to nominate.

This person is a longtime runner, and they have been a member of the club since they married another longtime member in 1987.

Before that, from 1982-1984, they helped that same member direct the Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic. The Turkey Trot, the Tallahassee Marathon, Miccosukee Madness, Springtime and many other events benefit from this person’s volunteer expertise every year. This person co-created the wildly successful Red Hills Kids’ Triathlon, held at Lake Hall in Maclay Gardens from 2002-2009 and from which the Youth Triathlon Series spun off, and they still lend an experienced hand to the latter. In 1998, they co-created Breakfast on the Track and have co-directed the fun and successful race ever since.

This person has served on GWTC’s board as secretary, treasurer and social chairperson.

This person is a superb runner and triathlete, having competitively completed numerous short and long distance races, Xterra events, the Ironman, and a 10 kilometer swim.

This person can best be described as inclusive, selfless, modest and super athletic. They send handwritten notes of congratulations to each club award winner every year. They embroider Gulf Winds logos on baby presents for GWTC newborns and on some of the nicest hand towels I’ve ever seen. Pretty well-rounded all in all, which is just how a Hall of Famer should be.

I am honored to finally reveal the 2016 GWTC Hall of Fame inductee who, along with their husband and father-in-law will comprise the first family to have three members in our Hall of Fame: Bonnie Wright!