An elite invitational one hundred meter race was held on August 26 at the Maclay School track, immediately following the “Breakfast on the Track” One Mile Run. The invited runners were participants in the Gulf Winds Track Club Summer Evening Track Grand Prix Series during the summer months. The outstanding performances were as follows:

Female                                                 Males

1. Fran McLean                14:78           Hobson Fulmer      13:10
2. Clea Rose                     16:44           Dave Rogers         13:25
3. Peggy Simpson             16:83            Jarrett Liles            13:55
4. Stephanie Liles              17:58            Gary Cato             13:77
5. Robin O’Neill-Wann    18:06            Jay Silvanima          13:80
6. Thomasina Perkins       18:86             Jack McDermott   13:91