Business Meeting, January 12, 2000 Home of Joe and Nadine Dexter

Board members present:

Paul Hiers, Cynthia Christen, Julie Clark, Bob Prentiss, Paul Hoover, Gary Kenney, Tom Perkins, Lynn Powell, Brian Corbin, Joe Dexter, Rex Cleveland, David Yon, Mae Cleveland

Board members absent:

Judy Alexander, Will Walker

Guests present:

Sarah Docter-Williams, Dawn Brown, Nadine Dexter

Paul Hiers, president, called the meeting to order at 7:35 p.m.


Minutes from the December meeting were distributed by Cynthia Christen. Paul suggested that from now on the minutes will be e-mailed to board members and no longer read at the next meeting. This was acceped by the group. December minutes were accepted with a minor correction.


Treasurer Report – Bob Prentiss

Bob discussed development of procedures for handling finances. His goals are to make the job easier for both himself and future treasurers and to streamline the procedures. Bob will write up these new procedures for the next meeting. The main concerns are 1) Documentation such as invoices/receipts will be required and 2) All items relating to an event should go first to the event director so that the director will be able to keep record of the item(s). This means that race directors should have invoices, checks, etc. mailed directly to their home address, record the information and then forward to the treasurer.

The December budget was presented. The format of the budget report was discussed. It was decided that several items would be added to the report and an additional quarterly status report will be added. Bob was not sure if we will have enough cash to cover the next month’s expenses. He asked the board for authority to cash the CD that will mature on 1/30. The motion was passed to grant Bob the authority to cash this CD. Another motion was passed to grant Bob the authority to buy another CD if the cash is available.

Membership Report – Brian Corbin

There are currently 390 members and 235 memberships. This is 324 short of where we were last year. There was concern expressed about declining membership.

Equipment Report – Joe Dexter

Joe announced that we are down to one clock. The large clock is broken and he does not know of anyone in town who can repair it. He recommended that we purchase a new clock. Joe will present some figures and information at the next meeting.

Newsletter – Rex Cleveland

A list was passed around to obtain current e-mail addresses and phone numbers. The Couples Caper is not a GWTC sponsored event this year so they will be charged for their ad in the Fleet Foot. Presented broshure on on-line registration and champion chip. Discussion was held on future possibilities. The information will be passed on to Martha to review and make a feasability recommendation.

Race Director Coordinator – Will Walker

March 11 there will be a FAMU 5K race. The course will be the same as Sickle Cell.

Social Coordinator – Sarah Docter-Williams

Forest Meadows increased cost from $85 to $300 of their facility. She is going to research other possibilities. Carrie Weyant and Ann Bowman have volunteered to assist Sarah. This year’s budget was presented and approved.

Clothing Coordinator – Margarete Deckert

There is about $1000 in clothing inventory, however most of it is in women’s sub-4 singlets. There is a need for more men’s singlets and Tee’s. More information and a recommendation will be presented at the next meeting.

Lecture Series – Mary Jean Yon

Report on Kim Orloff’s upcoming lecture on January 24th.

Triathletes – Kathy McDaris

Request for someone in the legal profession to review their waver for the open water swims.


Awards – David Yon

Set to go!

Chenoweth – Mae Cleveland

Presented changes in guidelines. The motion to accept the revisions was approved. The committee recommended GWTC contribute $1000 to the fund this year. This was approved. The committee recommended increasing annually the Chenoweth Endowment locked-in principle. This was approved.

The committee recommended adding another fundraiser for a total of 2 annual events. The possibility of a Kent Vann photography show was suggested. The board has shown interest in pursuing this. The committee voted to recommend a contribution of $100 to Brian Hendrix for travel expenses. This was approved. Date for the Chenoweth fund raiser will be June 3, 6:0-0 pm. Shaw’s is interested in being a sponsor. A $100 check was received from Juanice Hagan, Theresa Maxwell, Page Hagan, Linda McAllister and Jean Connelly. Do not know whether or not contributions to Chenoweth are tax deductible. Mae will contact Gary Griffin for his input.

The Chenoweth Committee would be very interested in working with the Democrat for making future recommendations for the high school track & field and cross country athletes of the year. The board supported this suggestion. The Chenoweth committee meetings are every first Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm at Manny’s restaurant.

Election – Mae Cleveland

25th Anniversary – Mary Jean Yon

Bill McGuire is working on efforts to get Jeff Galloway to visit. This may have to be on a weeknight.

Old Business

Ten Mile Challenge Final Budget – Dawn Brown

Sarah suggested that guests should be first on the agenda so that they do not have to sit through the entire meeting to present their topic(s). This was agreed upon.

The Ten Mile Challenge was very successful (200 runners) and had a $843 profit! Dawn would like to review the list of participants against the current member list. She suggested that we solicit memberships to those who are not members. David suggested doing this with the Turkey Trot participants also.

New Business

Draft 2000 Budget – Bob Prentiss

Questions were asked about postage, cost of awards. Comments were made about the fact that dues are being absorbed by the cost of the newsletter. Concerns were presented about the expenses being higher than income. Much of the income is dependent on the success of the events and is difficult to predict. Concern was presented about needing to spend more money on equipment this year. Also, questions were asked about the high cost of the summer track meets. A long discussion was held about what the building fund is and the possibility of using that money for equipment if necessary. After several modifications….. the budget was approved.

Year 2000 Awards Committee Members – Paul Hiers

Cynthia Christen, David Yon(1 yr), Fran McLean(1 yr), Bonnie Benge(2yr), Nominee Doug Gorton(3yr). The committee was approved.

RRCA Dues – Paul Hiers

Have been paid.


New event…. April 7th – mile relay & April 8th 5K – Manny

The meeting was adjourned at 10:20 p.m.


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