Business meeting held January 10, 2001 Hosted by Jerry and Linda Ongley

Present were: Paul Hiers, Jerry & Linda Ongley, Brian Corbin, Lynn Powell, Bob Prentiss, Mae Cleveland, Charlie Yates, Sarah Docter-Williams, Mike Sims, Joe & Nadine Dexter, Tim & Lisa Unger

Paul Hiers called the meeting to order and established that a quorum was present at approximately 7:45 pm. Minutes of the December meeting were distributed, reviewed and accepted.

There were no Guest presentations.

Treasurer’s Report: Bob Prentiss presented and discussed the budget.

Race Director Report: Charlie Yates discussed several races needing directors. There was discussion about confirming that each race director secures insurance.

Equipment Report: Joe Dexter reported that the equipment would be in use for the next couple of weeks. The Flash 12k budget was discussed.

Membership Report: Brian Corbin reported that there are currently 256 memberships representing 390 members.

Newsletter Report: Sarah Docter-Williams reported that the January issue is late. Discussion was held about Mike LaBossiere starting to produce the Fleetfoot.

Team Racing 2001: Tim Unger discussed the current status of Team Racing 2001. A proposal to have the club pay the team entry fees for the 1st three team events in 2001 was accepted by motion and the motion was seconded. Discussion was held to closely observe the success of Team Racing is in 2001 for budgeting purposes in 2002.

Chenoweth Fund Report: Mae Cleveland reported that Brian Hendrix, a previous sponsor recipient, has been selected to run for the USA Deaf Track and Field team. Mae proposed a contribution of $300.00 and a motion was made to accept the proposal then seconded.

Socials: Sarah Docter-Williams presented a 2001 budget proposal. The Silent Auction was discussed. Sarah asked for suggestions of other restaurants or places people would like to have socials.

Clothing Report: None, but discussion was held about possible putting pictures of the available clothing items on the web page to help increase sales.

Old Business: Web page links were discussed.

New members for the Awards/Grand Prix committee were discussed.

Meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:30.


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