January 9, 2002 Business Meeting Hosted by Jerry & Linda Ongley

Board/GWTC Members present: Jane Johnson, Paul Hiers, Tom Perkins, Bob Prentiss, Lynn Powell, Tim and Lisa Unger, Jerry & Linda Ongley, Mike Sims, Brian & Judy Alexander-Corbin, Joe and Nadine Dexter, David Yon, Jeff Bryan, Charlie Yates, Charles Futch

Jane Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:44 pm and quorum was established. The December minutes were read and accepted.


· Dawn Brown was going to present the 10 Mile Challenge budget but became ill and was not able to attend the meeting.


· David reported for the Chenoweth Committee. He brought several copies of the “Running Journal” for sale. David reported that some schools have expressed interest in using the journals as awards. A suggestion was made to conduct a fund-raiser specifically to pay for the books so that the schools and/or the kids would not have to incur the expense but the Chenoweth Fund would still be paid. Also, it was suggested that interest recipients use a request form just like any other Chenoweth Fund award request and that flyers be sent to different schools’ Boosters Clubs. David reported that there was an award request made by David Bigoney to receive $1000.00 to help pay for a new tandem bicycle. Discussion was held about the purpose of the Chenoweth Fund and it was decided that an equipment purchase like this was not appropriate. David reported that the committee recommended denying the request and the board agreed. David also report a request from Susan Cornwell of Belle Vue Middle School for race entry fee financial assistance for kids that otherwise would not be able to afford road races. Several suggestions were discussed and David will prepare a proposal. David mentioned that he was contacted by an official of the Police Athletic League who is interested in working with GWTC to stage a track league for at risk kids.

· Tim Unger reported for Team Racing. He has received 6 responses for possible placement on the BAM team. Tim reported that teams are being formed for the River Run in March. Julie Clark has taken the time to speak to several Masters women and has been very helpful in coordinating possible runners for that team as well as an Open women team. Runners are required to register for the race on their own. A registration card is returned to each entrant and a copy of that card must be provided to Tim for team consideration. Tim predicts many runners will be interested in the River Run. Tim has been working with the people at Get In The Wind to have a wind feather made for GWTC. The company sent a proposed design for the wind feather, which Tim provided for the board. The Team Racing budget was allotted $250.00 for the purchase of the wind feather, but the cost of the proposed design is $345.00. Tim reported that negotiations with the company resulted in an offer to make the same design but without the word “Tallahassee” for $290.00. The board decided by vote that Tim should order the wind feather as presented with the word “Tallahassee”. Tim can address the board if Team Racing requires additional funds later on in the year due to this higher expense.

· Bob Prentiss presented and explained the final Treasurer’s report for 2001. Bob reported that the insurance (a major expense) has already been paid and that the Checking Account balance includes some Marathon revenue. Bob reported that most of the funds available in the checking account are to be used for the Grand Prix awards ceremony.

· Joe Dexter reported that all of the equipment is working fine. Joe reported that Paul Hiers volunteered to build shelves in the trailer and that insurance and a license plate are still pending. The serial number of each piece of equipment needs to be recorded for insurance purposes. Several board members volunteered to help Joe and Nadine take on this task so that the insurance policy can be purchased.

· Brian Corbin reported that he and Judy did not send a January issue of the Fleetfoot to non-renewing members. They have created a postcard reminder that will be mailed to those who have not yet renewed. Members who renew, but not in time to receive a January Fleetfoot , will receive that issue along with their February Fleetfoot. Brian reported that there are currently 372 members represented by 221 memberships and compared the membership to last year at this time when there were 390 members represented by 256 memberships.

· Charlie Yates reminded the board of the structure that Grand Prix races are to follow including issues such as proper insurance and the ability to provide timely results. He reported that the first 2 GP races are in compliance and the third race has historically complied. A calendar has been drafted but there are still some adjustments to be made such as the date for the Miles for Meals race. Charlie should have a final draft by the end of the month. Discussion was held about ensuring the quality of the newsletter and especially the accuracy of race information. It was suggested that a committee form and Bob Prentiss, David Yon and Jane Johnson agreed to become the Newsletter Integrity Committee.

· David Yon reported that Sarah will be back next month with a Social report.

· Jane reported on behalf of the Clothing Coordinator that she spoke to the Deckerts and they have begun working on a new GWTC T-shirt. Jerry Ongley advised that the price of the GWTC jackets sold last year had increased and a new design was used. He showed a sample of the jacket, which was very well received by the board.


· There has been no resolution to the previous discussion held about reviewing and updating the Constitution and By-Laws. It had been agreed that this needs to be done and that a committee should be formed to undertake the task.

· There has been no resolution to the request made by Kurt Westfall concerning pole vaulting.


· Jane Johnson reported that Kate McFall is interested in staging a race to benefit the animal shelter. It is proposed for March 30, 2002 at Tom Brown Park. She requested to use the club’s equipment.

· Tom Perkins opened discussion about the 2002 Relay for Life. Once again the team entry fee is $150.00 and he would like the club to sponsor a team. A motion was made and seconded and his request was accepted by vote. Tom also reported that, along with the help of his wife Jeanne and Judy and Brian Corbin, a GWTC social is tentatively scheduled for the Friday evening before the event.

· Paul Hiers opened discussion about the need to complete the Grand Prix Committee membership. Jack McDermott, Paul Anhberg, Jane Johnson, Mike Sims and Lisa Unger have volunteered to become the Grand Prix Committee for 2002. Paul Anhberg is not a board member or a returning committee member and his appointment was voted upon and approved by the board.

· Joe Dexter announced that Jeff Bryan and Reid Vannoy are the new co-race directors of the Palace Saloon 5k.

·The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:20 pm.

The next meeting will be held at the home of Charlie Yates on February 13, 2002

Lisa S. Unger, Secretary

These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board.


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