Top ten reasons why it’s a great thing to be a runner in Tallahassee …


By Jane Johnson

Because … on a weekend morning, I can wake up and drive to Forest Meadows and know that there will always be someone to run with.

Because … each and every time I run with a group of fellow GWTC’ers, I learn something new and interesting. It’s usually some factoid – the veracity of which is always questionable if it’s coming from Jeff Nielsen – but it makes the run a lot more fun.

Because … each year my entire family looks forward to Christmas Eve- so we can all wake up and drive to the St. Marks Trail to do the Posey’s run – and we don’t even like mullet.

Because … I can walk into the American Legion Hall for the GWTC Christmas Party and see little children, teenagers and adults of all ages dancing and having a great time – and if I’m really lucky, I can even catch Mike Sims breakdancing.

Because … when I am struggling with an injury, I can find at least ten other people who have had the same pain and symptoms – and I can get 10 different diagnoses and prescriptions for a cure.

Because … I can randomly say, “I miss Tim,” or “I miss Craig,” and know that someone else will know exactly what I mean.

Because … we have John Kalin and as a result, everything you could ever want to know about every inch of running trail in Tallahassee and photo documentaries to go with it.

Because … there is so much more to a runner than meets the eye; yet you can run with a person for years and never get beyond “runner talk” and still enjoy their company. Then, when you finally scratch the surface, you am amazed at the depth you have been missing out on.

Because … when one of us goes down, you can guarantee that the entire club will be there to provide support, strength, encouragement and love – unless, of course you’re Bill Lott and you go into the hospital for major surgery without telling anyone.

Because … this club had provided my daughters, Alexis and Kara, with countless positive role models in the areas of volunteerism, perseverance, kindness, and proper techniques for things like peeing in the woods – lessons that I could never deliver as effectively by myself.