Gulf Winds Track Club Minutes

of the January 11, 2012 Board Meeting Hosted by Felton Wright

Present: Felton Wright, Jerry Chesnutt, Herb Wills, Judy Alexander, Lisa Unger, David Yon, Charlie Yates, Mary Jean Yon, Bill Lott, Bill Dillon, Jackie McDaniel, Nancy Stedman, Bob Keller, Chuck Davis, Jeanne O’Kon, Chika Okoro, Brian Corbin, Tom Perkins, Ryan and Kylene Gay

Judy Alexander called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. Quorum was established.

The Board reviewed the December minutes. A motion was made to approve the minutes, seconded and approved.

New Business

Bob Keller – Bob updated the Board on the upcoming Capital City Senior Games. There will be 14 events held between the dates of March 10 – 19.

Ryan Gay – Ryan owns Endurance Imaging, a professional photography company specializing in action shots of athletes at events. He has photographed several GWTC races and would like to work with the Club and race directors on more races. He serves the south Georgia and north Florida areas.

Chika Okoro – Chika requested $75 to pay the entry fee for a GWTC team to compete in the tug of war competition at the upcoming Tallahassee Fitness Festival. The proceeds will benefit the Second Harvest food bank. A motion was made to approve the request, seconded, and passed.

Felton Wright –Felton told the Board that the GWTC Grand Prix/Awards Committee is considering allowing grand prix points to be earned in one mile races for Club members who are 75 and older. The Committee decided to wait one year to propose this change since the grand prix calendar is already set for 2012.

Jeanne O’Kon – Jeanne presented a revised budget on behalf of the GWTC Awards Committee, to increase the amount to an additional $350 for age group awards. A motion was made to approve the request, seconded, and passed.

Bill Lott – Bill requested approval from the Board to purchase mile marker stands that are more heavy duty and durable than the stands currently being used. He will research and find the best price for a bulk purchase. A motion was made to spend up to $1,000 for new mile marker stands. The motion was seconded and approved.

Brian Corbin – Brian updated the Board on the proposed development plan for the Miccosukee Greenway development.

Brian Corbin – Brian shared with the Board the new Springtime 10k/5k and 1 mile courses. The course changes are necessary due to renovations on Franklin and Lafayette Streets that will be in process at the same time the race is held. The course changes will be in effect for one year.

Judy Alexander – Judy presented an amended Springtime 10k/5k/1 mile budget. She proposed giving one half of the proceeds from the race to the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Big Bend. A motion was made to approve the request, seconded and passed.

Treasurer’s Report – Jerry Chesnutt
There is $52,688 in the Club’s checking account and an additional $49,851 invested. The Chenoweth fund has $15,820. Jerry shared with the Board a report and summary of race proceeds and expenses for all Club races for the past two years.

Membership Report – Jackie McDaniel for Mark Priddy
The Club has 1,091 members in 626 households.

Race Director Coordinator Report –Charlie Yates
Charlie reports that the calendar for 2012 is starting to take shape. He works diligently to juggle races and dates to try and accommodate race director’s requests. David Yon also reminded the Board about the importance of reviewing and understanding the RRCA Guidelines for Safety and for Leading a Group Run. Discussion ensued concerning the idea of further Board discussions and having a race director meeting to discuss these documents.

Newsletter Report – Jackie McDaniel for Fred Deckert
No report

Clothing Coordinator Report –Jackie McDaniel for Paula O’Neill
Paula sold $45 worth of socks this month.

Equipment Report –Bill Lott for Vicky Verano
Bill has taken an extensive inventory of the Club’s equipment. The Club has rented a second storage unit in the same warehouse as the original storage unit.

Website Report – David Yon
Peg is tweaking the website to continue to make improvements. John McCoy is working with her on several projects.

Chenoweth Fund Report – David Yon

Triathlon Report – Bill Dillon
Registration for the 2012 Red Hills Triathlon will be available at the January Tri Club meeting held Monday, January 16. Grand Prix awards will also be given out at the January meeting. The Tri Club has approximately 250 members.

Lecture Series Report – Nancy Stedman
Chuck “marathon junkie” Engle and Ryan Warrenburg of ZAP Fitness, will be the guest speakers at the Tallahassee Marathon/Half Marathon expo. The expo will be held at the Doubletree Hotel and is open to the public.

Training Report – Chuck Davis
Approximately 30 to 40 people run intervals at Leon High School every Tuesday evening. Chuck confirmed with the Board that this group is a recognized GWTC event. Judy Alexander announced that the Springtime training group would start January 30.

Social Coordinator Report –Jackie McDaniel for Elizabeth Stupi
The January social is at the GWTC Grand Prix Awards ceremony at the Retreat at Bradley’s Pond. The February social will be at Finnegan’s Wake on February 11, at 7:30 p.m. An announcement will be posted on the website and emailed to the list serv.

There being no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded and passed unanimously at 9:15 p.m.

Jackie McDaniel


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