Board/GWTC Members present: Brian and Judy Corbin, Tom Perkins, Sarah Docter-Williams, Bob Prentiss, Mike Sims, Lynn Powell, Joe and Nadine Dexter, Tim and Lisa Unger, David Yon, Charlie Yates and Felton Wright

Guest present: Dr. Jeff Fredericks, Phil Yon

Tom Perkins called the meeting order at 7:46 pm and quorum was established. The June minutes were read and accepted as presented.


Dr. Fredericks of Rehabilitation Engineering gave a brief presentation and slide show about the plight of a refugee camp near the Sahara Desert. The slide show included footage of a 17k “marathon” staged at the camp. Dr. Fredericks works with a volunteer group called Co-Share and asked for GWTC’s consideration in “adopting” the runners from this camp. It was determined that this is too political to be a function of GWTC, but may be of personal concern to its members, so additional information will be made available for interested parties. Contact Lisa Unger.

Phil Yon, on behalf of Advanced Technology for Disabled Children, made a special presentation to the Board. As a way of thanking GWTC their support, he offered a Dell Pentium laptop computer along with a Hewlett Packard printer and battery pack with spare battery. The computer is loaded with Microsoft Windows 98 and Office 97 software. A motion passed to enter the computer into club property to be maintained by Joe Dexter. Club members can contact Joe to sign out the computer for club related purposes such as race scoring or maintenance of the membership list.


David Yon discussed the Turkey Trot events. He is working closely with a group called WINGS to coordinate several fund raising events to benefit Refuge House. The events may include a catered benefit dinner on the Friday prior to the Turkey Trot. Also discussed was a social gathering on the Saturday before Turkey Trot at the Warehouse. A cover charge is anticipated with live entertainment, as well as the possibility of making race packets available for pick up at this event. The Turkey Trot discussion segued into a discussion about race form waivers and disclaimers. David has been working with RRCA officials and other legal advisors to provide a disclaimer that will legally protect GWTC in the event of a race day accident. The disclaimer will be made available to race directors when complete.

Felton Wright discussed the Breakfast on the Track budget. The breakfast part will be funded by the Social budget and 1/2 of the profits will be donated to Maclay Schools for the use of the track. The budget was accepted as presented. Felton also requested donations of old trophies to be used as kids’ awards.

Charlie Yates presented the Tom Brown Bash budget on behalf of Paul Hiers. The budget was accepted as presented. Charlie also opened discussion of a standard statement to be used in conjunction with the Tax Exempt Certificate for making purchases. Charlie and Bob will continue to work on this.

David Yon reported for the Chenoweth Committee. New guidelines have been established and were accepted by the board to be entered into the Club archives.


Brian Corbin reported that there are currently 772 members represented by 470 memberships. He also mentioned that making a choice of an electronic or hard copy Fleet Foot would not be difficult. He suggested adding a field on the membership application for this purpose, but not changing the cost of membership.

Joe Dexter presented the Equipment Report. He reported that the trailer has been purchased and the GWTC logo has been painted on both sides. It was decided to also add the URL. The trailer will make its debut at the Breakfast on the Track event. A new banner has been purchased.

Bob Prentiss reported on the budget, which was accepted as presented. Bob received a Certificate of Recognition for GWTC having been nominated for a Volunteer of the Year award. The Certificate will be entered into the GWTC archives.

Charlie Yates reported some of the changes he is trying to make to keep the Race Calendar current and as informative as possible. He also discussed formulating a list of race director guidelines.

Sarah Docter-Williams reported the next social will be on July 26, 2001 after the Summer Track Series and will be an Ice Cream social.

David Yon reported on behalf of Mary Jean Yon that there are two potential lectures for the series, including discussions by Kim Batten and Kate McFall.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 10:35 pm.

Lisa S. Unger, Secretary

These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board.


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