July 10, 2002 Business Meeting Hosted by Tim & Lisa Unger

Board/GWTC Members present: Judy Alexander, Brian Corbin, Bob Prentiss, Jeff Bryan, Tim & Lisa Unger, Mike Sims, Jerry Ongley, Charlie Yates, Lezlie Gardner, David Yon, Jane Johnson and Paul Ahnberg

Jane Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:50 pm and quorum was established. The June minutes were read and accepted as presented.


· Chenoweth report – David Yon reported that the Pot Luck race made a profit. He also reported that the Capital City Christian Cruisers and the Big Bend Track Club have submitted applications for funding. The applications will be reviewed and a recommendation made at the August meeting.

· Equipment report – No report

· Race Director Coordinator report – Charlie Yates reported that the Shaw’s 10k is scheduled for 10/19/02 and that Kate McFall has requested 4/22/03 for the Furry Scurry.

· Clothing Coordinator – Lisa discussed an e-mail received from Fred with the current inventory of merchandise.

· Treasurer’s report – Bob Prentiss presented and explained the Financial and Budget reports. Handouts were distributed for reference. Bob explained that the Chenoweth account did not include the expenses or income from the Pot Luck event. He also advised that in order to prevent the checking account from getting too low he would not be making a transfer into the Building Fund this month. The reports were accepted as presented. Bob presented the operating budget for the Tom Brown Bash that he received from Paul Hiers. The budget was accepted as presented.

· Membership report – Brian Corbin reported that there are 774 members represented by 446 memberships. Brian reported that they had only just today received the Fleet Foot from the Printshop. It was decided to ask Mike LaBossiere to check with Harvest Printers that they would be able to handle the Fleet Foot job and accommodate the format that Mike uses. Provided Harvest Printers can handle the job, they will become the new printer for the newsletter. Judy will contact the Print Shop to advise them their services would be discontinued contingent on Harvest Printers’ ability to accommodate the Fleet Foot.

· Social Coordinator report – Judy reported for Bonnie that Bonnie is going to visit the “Party Barn” to see about the accommodations for the Holiday party. Apparently, there are about 100 tables with 120 chairs and it is an informal setting that would allow the club to bring in beer and wine. Bonnie is also organizing a “celebrity dinner” social that would feature dishes using the names of club members and would benefit the Relay for Life. Judy gave the example of “Chicken Catch-A-Yon” (Chicken Cacciatore).

· Team Racing report – Tim Unger reported that the team racing season has ended. He discussed being contacted about the Hood to Coast Relay in OR. Tim forwarded the information to Gary Droze and Jim Frazier and Jane Johnson was also contacted and invited to participate on a team..

· Lecture Series – Jane reported for Art that Gary Griffin would like to give a lecture on Ultra Running and that maybe it would be a panel discussion. Jane received a copy of Dick Beardsley’s new book to review for the Book Review section of the Fleet Foot and mentioned that maybe he could be persuaded to give a lecture.

· Newsletter report- Jane opened discussion about a recent One-List discussion concerning anti-inflammatory drugs. She found the discussion very interesting and posed the idea of forming a volunteer panel to receive health and medical questions from club members to be answered in the Fleet Foot. The idea will be further investigated, but the issue of liability was mentioned. Medical professionals may be reluctant to give advice because of being held responsible for negative outcomes.

· Triathlete report – no report


· Jane mentioned that the Gasparilla Distance Festival Race Director contacted her and would like to attend a board meeting to discuss the 2003 events. The Gasparilla 15k/5k and the HOPS Marathon in Tampa will both be held on the same weekend. Tim advised the board that that the registration fee for teams entered in the GDF events is about $2000.00 per team. Jane will invite the RD to attend the September meeting, but would advise her that GWTC could not sponsor a team for such a high fee.

· David opened discussion about a new venue for the Turkey Trot events. The marketers for Southwood are interested in hosting the TT events. David expressed pros and cons about the move. Southwood has a strong marketing force and would be able to provide great advertisement for the TT. Also, the facilities would be more accommodating than the Fairgrounds. The race- course (all roads) may be safer that Tram Road has proven to be, and the community may be more involved at Southwood. However, David does not want this event to become over commercialized. David feels that the TT events have been successful at the fairgrounds and there is no real need to change, however, this may be a positive move. He will continue to investigate the possibilities.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:00 pm.

The next meeting will be at the home of Bob Prentiss on August 14, 2002.

Lisa Unger, Secretary

These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board.


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