Board/GWTC Members present: Paul Hiers, Brian and Judy Corbin, Sarah Docter-Williams, Tom Perkins, Bob Prentiss, Mike Sims, Lynn Powell, Jerry Ongley, Joe and Nadine Dexter, Tim and Lisa Unger, Bonnie Benge, Bill De Grummond

Guest present: Ernie and Alice Sims of the Capital City Christian Cruisers (CCCC) and Sharon Walker of the Big Bend Track Club (BBTC)

The meeting was called to order at 7:37 PM and quorum was established. The May minutes were read, and a motion to accept them as presented was made by Bob Prentiss. Tom Perkins seconded, therefore the motion passed. The May minutes will be forwarded for publication in the Fleet Foot.

The guests present were introduced and Mr. Sims began his presentation. There are approximately 62 kids involved in the CCCC and about 45 have qualified to participate in a State meet to be held over the weekend of June 21-24, 2001 in Sebastian, FL. Mr. Sims told us about the fund-raisers that the CCCC have already conducted and other areas in which they are pursuing financial assistance. Mrs. Sims added that the CCCC actively aids the children in areas other than running such as homework assistance and even sometimes providing food for families in need. The Sims’ asked, on behalf of their club, for any contribution GWTC found appropriate.

Sharon Walker spoke about the BBTR and their hope to send 21 of the 22 kids in the club to the State meet. She also discussed fund-raisers already conducted and the possible involvement of the City of Quincy. She, too, asked for any contribution to her club that GWTC could make.

Paul Hiers decided to continue the meeting to the financial discussion then determine what contribution GWTC would be able to offer. He invited the guests the stay, but they decided to take their leave.


Lisa Unger presented, on behalf of Julie Clark, an idea to start a beginner fitness program. The group would meet each Monday at Myers Park and complete the fitness course. Julie wanted to be able to offer some incentive for people to attend every week. It was decided that adding new members (or removing them if not renewed) would not pose a problem to Brian Corbin, or financial burden to the club. Lisa made a motion to call this an official GWTC event and to offer a temporary membership upon completion of the 10th session. Any participant who is already a member would be offered a bumper sticker instead. Bob Prentiss seconded the motion and therefore it passed.


Bob Prentiss reported on behalf of the Chenoweth Fund that the “Pot Luck Bash” made approximately $2281.00, which included a donation of $1000.00.

Tim Unger reported that the Gate to Gate 4.4 Miles held on Memorial Day at Eglin Air Force Base was the last team event for the year. A display of the some of the awards won by teams throughout 2001 was presented. Tim mentioned how important advertising is to the success of a race and sited some positive and negative examples. This segued into discussion about contacting the club and dissemination of information. Bob Prentiss appointed himself to discuss the Hot Line with Rex. The board has already approved a new answering machine and Bob is willing to take responsibility for it. Lisa offered to coordinate with Mike LaBossiere to have the board meeting locations published in the Fleet Foot on a quarterly basis.

Bob Prentiss reported on the budget. Sarah Docter-Williams was recognized for the success of the Silent Auction in netting $3451.90 as well as the good time had by those who attended. Bob reported that the club applied for, and was granted, a Consumer’s Certificate of Exemption. This certificate will allow the club to purchase tangible person property, such as T-shirts and trophies, without incurring a sales tax liability. The club will continue to assess and collect sales tax on items it sells. Bob thanked Lisa Unger for her assistance in this process. Race directors should contact Bob prior to making purchases. Bob received a letter from Angie Goodman requesting that the Miles for Meals race be made a Grand Prix event. The letter was forwarded to Bonnie Benge, a Grand Prix committee member. Bob reported that he received a bill from T-Formations for 25th anniversary shirts and that it would be forwarded to Charlie Yates.

Tom Perkins added discussion about the final budget of the Springtime 10k.

Joe Dexter presented the Equipment Report. He reported that there was a problem with the clock rented to the Monticello Relay for Life event, but it was a result of the users not charging the battery properly. Joe presented brochures of trailers he has reviewed and there was discussion about insurance as well as restriction and requirements for rental of the trailer. It was decided that the use of the trailer would be limited to club members only. Judy Corbin made a motion to purchase the trailer of Joe’s choice. Sarah Docter-Williams seconded and therefore the motion passed.

Sarah Docter-Williams had no Social Coordinator report since the Silent Auction was already discussed.

Brian Corbin reported that there are currently 748 members represented by 459 memberships. He also discussed a new computer program on which he worked very hard to install and which will print labels much faster than the old program.


Discussion was held about the contributions to be made to the CCCC and BBTC. Sarah Docter-Williams made a motion to contribute $1000.00 to each club. Jerry Ongley seconded the motion therefore it passed.

Jerry Ongley opened discussion about offering the newsletter through the Internet. An electronic newsletter would be less expensive, but many people prefer the paper version. The idea of allowing the option to choose a format at membership application/renewal was discussed. The idea was tabled.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 10:05 PM.

Lisa S. Unger, Secretary

These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board.


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