June 11, 2003 Business Meeting Hosted by Tim & Lisa Unger

Board/GWTC Members present: Tim & Lisa Unger, David Yon, Bob Prentiss, Tom Perkins, Joe Dexter, Tony Guillen, Brian Corbin, Judy Alexander, Paul Ahnberg, Paul Hiers, Bonnie Wright, Jerry Ongley, Julie Clark and Bill McGuire
Tom Perkins called the meeting to order at 7:43 pm and quorum was established. The May minutes were read and accepted by motion, 2nd and vote.

Julie Clark – Opened discussion about a “Running Development Committee” to help facilitate beginner runner groups. Julie submitted a draft discussion document outlining her ideas for forming the committee and its intended function. A motion was made to preliminarily adopt the proposal to form a committee. Julie will be the Chairperson and will recruit other committee members. The motion was seconded and accepted by vote

· Clothing Coordinator report – David discussed an e-mail received from Fred Deckert expressing interest in GWTC’s ability to accept credit cards for clothing sales. This segued into a discussion about accepting credit cards for race entries such as through Fred is also interested in having the Couples Caper named as an official club race, and perhaps gain Grand Prix status. David will explore the credit card issue further as it may relate to the Turkey Trot races in the fall. Both ideas were tabled until next month when Jane can join the discussion.

· Social Coordinator Report – Bonnie Wright reported that she is about $125.00 over budget. She also discussed the upcoming Celebrity Dinner. The proceeds of the dinner will go to charity and Bonnie asked the board’s opinion of splitting the proceeds between Hilary Gardner and Theresa Torre. Hilary recently had a kidney transplant and Theresa is suffering from Lyme disease. Both young ladies have expensive medical needs. A motion was made that the proceeds be split 60/40 as Bonnie recommended. The motion was seconded and accepted by vote. The equipment fee for the Red Hills Kids Tri was discussed. Since the Kids Tri made a profit, they paid for the equipment. There was further discussion about waiving the fee for this annual event but no resolution.

· Membership report – Brian Corbin reported that there are 378 memberships that represent 603 members. Brian noted that several new memberships have been directly related to the Summer Track Series.

· Chenoweth report -David reported that the Pot Luck was quite successful. David advised that 11 high school kids received awards. He noted that many coaches were sent paperwork for nominating athletes, but the coaches failed to respond.

· Race Director Reports – Paul Hiers presented the Tom Brown Bash budget. There was a motion to accept the budget that was seconded and accepted by vote.

· Race Director Coordinator report – Judy Alexander reported for Charlie Yates that flyers for the Semper “Fi”ve k are available. The race is 6/28 at 7pm and benefits the Marine Corps Ball fund.

· Equipment report – Joe Dexter reported that all equipment is fine and he has received payment for all rentals. Joe and James will travel to Atlanta to attend the AARC meeting. Also, Joe reported that the students (under the direction of Bill McGuire) at Gretchen Everhart school made 16 stantions (uprights) for finish shutes.

· Team Racing report – Tim Unger reported that Team racing is complete for 2003. He advised that there is a write up about the Gate to Gate event on the web page.

· Triathlete report – Tony Guillen reported that the Red Hills Kids Tri was very successful. He advised that Jeff Bowman and Jimmy Kalfas have posted reports about tri events on the web page. The regular monthly social/meeting will be at Beef O’Brady’s on 6/13.

· Treasurer’s report – Bob Prentiss discussion renewing the GWTC web domain name for 5 more years. Bob distributed and discussed the Financial and Budget reports.

· Lecture Series – no report; Newsletter report- no report;

· A motion was made to allow the Grand Prix committee to replace the cancelled Fall Fest with Prefontaine. The motion was seconded and accepted by vote. There was discussion about the Summer Grand Prix records reported on the web page. It was determined that Dave Rodgers had kept the records at one time, but now Martha has updated both areas on the web page.

· Discussion was held about One More Mile Clothing available one line and it was decided that is probably not the type of fund raising activity that GWTC will pursue.

· The race schedule was discussed, especially the Melon Run changing their date from 6/14 to 6/21, which conflicts with the St. George Island Sizzler.

· Volunteers are need for the AAU State track meet to be held at FSU June 26-29.

The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:00 pm. Tom Perkins will host the next meeting on July 9, 2003.
These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board. Lisa Unger, Secretary


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