Business Meeting March 8, 2000 Hosted by Erin Shepherd and Will Walker

Board members present: Paul Hiers, Cynthia Christen, Julie Clark, Judy Alexander, Rex Cleveland, Brian Corbin, Joe Dexter, Paul Hoover, Gary Kenney, Tom Perkins, Lynn Powell, Bob Prentiss, Will Walker, David Yon, Sarah Docter-Williams

Guests present: Erin Shepherd, Howard Kessler, Anne Van Meter

Paul Hiers, president, called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.

Minutes from the February meeting were distributed. The minutes were approved.

Guests Howard Kessler and Anne Van Meter, GWTC members in Panacea, presented request for clock for Blue Crab Run on May 6th. Note: the Belleview & Artsfest runs are also on the same weekend. A clock will be reserved.

Joe Dexter presented results from Flash 12K. $642.86 was profited.

An idea to donate the sub-4 singlets (too small to sell) to Big Bend Track Club was submitted. The decision was made to split the singlets between the summer track series and the Big Bend Track Club.

The request for funds for new clothing purchase was accepted. The board approved $350 to go toward a new purchase.

There were some questions raised about the split of the proceeds from the marathon. This was tabled until Gary Griffin returns.

Note: November 1999 minutes state that the proposed marathon budget was submitted by Gary Griffin and approved. The proposed budget stated that 2/3rd of the net proceeds would be given to Habitat For Humanity and 1/3rd to GWTC.

Discussion was held concerning an all woman’s race in 2001. The board agreed that they do not want to change the WDF to become an all woman event. However, they would like to create a new event. Paul is going to talk to Avon to see what kind of sponsorship they can provide. This will be presented at the next meeting.

No update on Jeff Galloway for 25th anniversary. Ray Benson is willing to have a workshop. Sarah will look into combining this with a breakfast social at MaClay Gardens. It was suggested that this could be the 25th anniversary celebration social.

Tuesday night before Springtime after intervals, Shannon is planning a open house at Sports Beat.

David Yon presented information for Chenoweth committee. The Chenoweth commmittee has secured June 3rd as the date of the potluck bash. They are working on a logo. This logo would be engraved on items and given to contributers. They are working with Ruppshirts to purchase these. Also, a Kent Vann art show is in the works. They are also working with the high school coaches to come up with 4 awards (instead of 2). It was suggested that 2 would be designated for track male/female and 2 for cross country male/female. More volunteers are needed for the high school track meet on April 8th. They are asking GWTC persons to volunteer if they can. Friday night (April 7th) an open 1 mile track event is being planned.

Bob Prentiss presented the budget report. It was approved. Concerns were expressed about expenditures. Money was “borrowed” from the building fund and has not been returned.

Mae Cleveland will be presenting the next lecture series.

Sarah Docter Williams gave an update on the silent auction. More items are still needed. The Myer’s Park social is the next event that will be on March 19th at 9 AM.

Brian Corbin and Judy Alexander presented the membership report. There are now 631 members and 381 memberships. Suggested that memberships be sent directly to them. The advantage of the P.O. box is that it never changes whereas a home address could change. It was decided to keep it as it is. A request was made to include membership applications in the springtime packets. Rex will have some printed in a different color so that we will know which new members came from this source. Paul stated that volunteers are still needed for Springtime.

Will Walker stated that the moonlight 5k has been changed to the musicfest 5K and will be this weekend. It was mentioned that a new race, the barebottom 5K, will take place on the bed of Lake Jackson. Proceeds will go to Big Dog Rescue. The event will occur on June 17th. Working on budget for Palace. There will be no re-orders for T’s. Springtime has no major sponsor. Hope to have enough participation to make up the difference. There were some questions about the teams. A team can have an unlimited number of participants. Scores will be counted for the top 5 participants. The 1 mile is being sponsored by Fun Station. There will be great prizes! Everyone was encouraged to deliver springtime applications and pass the word.

Rex Cleveland stated that all newsletter submissions should be to him before the 12th of each month.

Joe Dexter gave an update of the clock. It is in the repair shop and he is waiting on their response. He hasn’t ordered a new one at this time. The company that is repairing the big clock may offer us a discount price on a new clock.

Judy Alexander wrote an article for the “Living Here 2000” magazine. She would like to expand on it.

Paul Hiers presented information on the national RRCA meeting in Atlanta in May. A majority would like for GWTC to be represented at this meeting. The board authorized spending up to $500 to cover his expenses. The board instructed Bob Prentiss to charge this to “GWTC 25th Anniversary” budget item.

Gretchen Everhart school nominated GWTC for volunteer organization of the year for Champ Days and other events/support that we provide. The board agreed to accept this nomination.

Meeting was adjourned.


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