May 14, 2003 Business Meeting Hosted by Joe & Nadine Dexter

Board/GWTC Members present: Tim & Lisa Unger, David Yon, Jane Johnson, Bob Prentiss, Charlie Yates, Tom Perkins, Joe & Nadine Dexter, Jeff Bryan, Mike Sims, Tony Guillen, Brian Corbin, Jo Lena Pace, Paul Ahnberg, Paul Hiers, Bonnie Wright and Jimmy Kalfas
Jane Johnson called the meeting to order at 7:37 pm and quorum was established. The April minutes were read and accepted by motion, 2nd and vote.

Jimmy Kalfas – Opened discussion about permanent signs to be place on the Springtime course to designate certain areas with names that honor deceased club members. Jimmy suggested “George Palmer Hill” in memory of the late Dr. Palmer and also something honoring Dick Husband. A motion was made for Jimmy to develop a specific proposal to be presented next month or later. The motion was seconded and accepted by vote.

· Social Coordinator Report – Bonnie Wright reported that a breakfast social is planned for the morning of the Kids Tri and the Celebrity Dinner will be 7/12 with proceeds benefiting Hilary Gardner. Bonnie planning a breakfast social in conjunction with the Turkey Trot events in 2003. Bonnie asked if the triathletes were considered part of GWTC and if the Kids Tri was considered a club event that could then use the equipment at no charge. It was decided that the equipment fee for the Kids Tri will be contingent on the profits made by the event. The issue was tabled until next month when a budget for the Kids Tri may be available.
· Equipment report – Joe Dexter reported that all equipment is fine. Elder Care paid for equipment rental, but they paid last year’s rate. It is a small difference and Joe will not pursue additional payment, but he will advise them for next year.
· Chenoweth report -David reported that the Pot Luck is still schedule for 6/6/03 and they are still offering a 10 second variance of the predicted time for runners who wear last year’s boxer shorts. The Seminole Invitational Track Meet earned about $7000.00, of which $730.00 is to be distributed to GWTC. David will provide more details in a web page posting. Also, the committee is accepting nominations for the Male and Female High School Athletes of the Year, which will be awarded at the Pot Luck event.
· Race Director Coordinator report – Charlie Yates reported that he has distributed 5 of the revised Race Director Handbooks so far. He is negotiating to revive the US Marine Corps Reserves 5k to be held 6/29/03. Sgt. Bryan Cole is the race director.
· Race Director Reports – Tom reported that the Springtime budget is pending. Jeff distributed copies of the final Palace budget. Jeff and Reid will direct the race again next year.
· Treasurer’s report – Bob Prentiss distributed and discussed the Financial and Budget reports and read a note of thanks.
· Membership report – Brian Corbin reported that there are 361 memberships representing 641 members and memberships are still being received.
· Triathlete report – Tony Guillen reported that 33 Tallahassee athletes went to the Gulf Coast Tri and 28 finished. Jimmy Kalfas has posted a report on the web page. This was the first trialthon for Jimmy Kalfas and Dr. Karl Hempel and the second tri for Alexis Newell. Tony reiterated information about the upcoming Kids Tri. The Tri meeting/social date was changed to 5/16 at 7:30 pm in the regular meeting place of Beef O`Brady’s.
· Team Racing report – Tim Unger showed one of the plaques won by the GWTC Racing Team at the Fiesta 10k and advised that the next/last Team Racing event will be the Gate to Gate 4.4 miles at Eglin Air Force Base on Memorial Day.
· Lecture Series – no report; Newsletter report- no report; Clothing Coordinator report – no report


· A motion was made to give the Chenoweth Fund the $730.00 proceeds from the Seminole Invitational instead of splitting the amount between the Fund and the General Operating Budget of GWTC. Discussion was held and the motion was seconded then passed by vote. There were two votes against the motion.
· Joe opened discussion about a “social/fund raiser” duathlon he and Nadine want to stage at the 9 Mile mark of the St Marks bike trail. It would occur in October and the area has facilities to support a GWTC event.
· Discussion was held about the Tiny Hearts fund raising event to be held 10/26/03 which is after the Boston Mimi Marathon and also about the Cheers for Hilary fund raiser to be held at the Yon’s home on 5/18. Discussion was held about the Summer Grand Prix being staged at Maclay School again this year, instead of going back to FSU. Maclay’s administration is willing to host the GP series since at least two new students claim to have chosen to attend Maclay based on their experience at last year’s events.
The meeting adjourned at approximately 9:00 pm. The Unger’s will host the next meeting on June 11, 2003.
These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the board. Lisa Unger, Secretary


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