May 10, 2006 Business Meeting Hosted by David and Mary Jean Yon

Board/GWTC Members present: Tom Perkins, David and Mary Jean Yon, Beth Alexander, Joe and Nadine Dexter, Bonnie Wright, Fred Deckert, Bill Lott, Peg Griffin, Lisa Unger, Paul Ahnberg, Debby Alexander, and Sheryl Rosen. Guest: Jason Farrah.

David Yon called the meeting to order at 7:40 PM and quorum was established. The April minutes were reviewed and amended. A motion was made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote to accept the minutes as amended.


Jason Farrah presented the Board with information about the Capital City Ride for Hope on the morning of June 3, 2006. The ride will raise money for the TMH Cancer Center. Jason explained that a website,, contains all the information and flyers are distributed; he only needs cyclists. Experienced race directors gave him advice on how to obtain additional advertising which included the Democrat and WCTV. He asked for volunteers from the Club and how best to obtain them. He discussed many details about the ride that are worked out including hydration stations, neighborhood alerts, and police support. He asked to rent the clock.


Race Director Coordinator — Beth Alexander for Charlie Yates reported no conflicts.

Race Director — Lisa Unger as race director for the Women’s Distance Festival she would like to have her charity approved. She and JoLena chose the Brehon House, a place for homeless pregnant women to finish their pregnancy. The women must commit to educational training for jobs and receive counseling to be removed from public assistance before they are allowed to move in the house. Several Board members suggested checking with the Club to determine if there is any opposition given the reaction to PHI as the charity for the 10 Mile Challenge last year. Tom suggested the Board was determining approval for Lisa’s request. This raised the question if there should be a formal method of approving charities. It was decided Lisa would circulate her idea to the GWINDS email list and ascertain a general feeling while Board members researched Brehon House. Lisa wants this resolved prior to soliciting sponsors. Fred offered he had a contact that wished to sponsor a race; he will check into that. Nadine contacted the Democrat sponsor and asked Lisa to consider them.

Treasurer’s Report — Bonnie Wright presented the budget for April. She announced we are ahead on members compared to this time in previous years. She asked what to do with a returned check from a member. Race revenue shows that Palace Saloon exceeded expectations while Springtime earned less than expected. With the budget in excellent shape, a motion was made to move $5000 to the Chenoweth Fund. It was seconded and passed unanimously.

Clothing Coordinator — Margarete Deckert no report.

Newsletter — Fred Deckert reported the new deadline for the Fleet Foot is the le of each month. He believes that will work better than a Saturday. Also, the fee for a one page advertisement will cost $50.00 with the other rates adjusted accordingly.

Training Committee — Nadine Dexter announced she had 30 class members the last week of Boot Camp. Several students asked why they should join Gulf Winds. She included the Grand Prix races, the camaraderie of the Club, and a subscription to the FleetFoot in her answer. One student was injured during Boot Camp, but Nadine reported that the incident was handled well.

Equipment — Joe Dexter turned in two race checks. He announced he is searching for the tent. He saw it last at the marathon, but cannot locate it now. Perry Shaw may purchase our large trailer. The Club could then purchase a smaller one to fit in a garage. In order to accommodate a smaller trailer, we need new stackable cones. The current ones fall over easily and are difficult to pull apart. He estimates he can purchase about 50 cones for $1000. He will negotiate a price and come back next month with figures. Joe reported he is missing a clock stand. After discussing the situation, it was determined he should buy a new clock stand to replace the one permanently relocated with the new timing system. A motion was made and seconded to buy a new stand not to exceed $300. The vote passed unanimously.

Chenoweth Fund — David Yon reminded everyone the Potluck Bash is June 3 at 6 p.m. Hats will be given out like last year. Membership — Peg Griffin reported that there are currently 671 members represented by 376 memberships. Beth reported there is no statement in the By-Laws about reduced entrance fees at races for members.

Racing Team Coordinator — Tim Unger reported that the Gate to Gate race is on Memorial Day. Newer runners have shown some interest in team racing as well as returning racers. Also, the North Florida Track Club has better funds than last year for the joint party after the race.

Grand Prix Committee — Paul Ahnberg reported the deadline for races to be considered for the 2007 Grand Prix is July 31, 2006.

Social Coordinator — Kathy Lindsay no report. David Yon announced the Pot Luck will once again feature a low country boil.

Lecture Series — Michael Pasquier no report. Sheryl Rosen is interested in setting up a lecture series for high school runners. It was suggested that she contact local coaches to ascertain interest, location, and time.


Tom announced that the garden at Forrest Meadows looks great. He thanked Terry for organizing the work.

There was a motion to adjourn at 9:22 PM, which was seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

The next board meeting will be held on June 14, 2006 hosted by Beth Alexander.

These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the Board.

Beth Alexander, Secretary

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