May 9, 2007 Business Meeting Hosted by Peg and Gary Griffin

Board/GWTC Members present: Gary and Peg Griffin, David and Mary Jean Yon, Beth Alexander, Gene Opheim, Judy Alexander, Fred and Margarete Deckert, Joe and Nadine Dexter, Bill Lott, Mae Cleveland, Tom Perkins, Lisa Unger, Gary Droze, and Sara Cleveland. Guests: Bob and Dixie Mayo Teel.

Mary Jean Yon called the meeting to order at 7:37 PM and quorum was established. The April minutes were reviewed. A motion was made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote to accept the minutes as presented.

NEW BUSINESS: Bob and Dixey Mayo Teel presented information about the Second Annual ERA Community Realty Stride and Ride to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association on August 11. This date avoids conflict with any other Club event. They would like to advertise on our race calendar and have our support and participation. They have good sponsorship and media coverage. Gary Droze requested funds for his Summer Mornings Include Running Fitness program. SMIRF now includes 40-60 runners. SMIRF is run weekday mornings in June, July and early August and begins June 4. A motion was made to contribute $1000 from the Club for SMIRF in order to pay for park passes, Popsicles, and others items. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Gary said he would encourage attendance at the Thursday Summer Track Series.


Race Director Coordinator – Beth Alexander for Charlie Yates reported 2008 is a leap year. Please keep that in mind when planning race dates. He is receiving an almost unprecedented early interest in race dates for 2008.

Race Director – Bonnie Wright presented the budget for Breakfast on the Track. A motion was made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote to accept the budget as presented. Judy Alexander thanked all the volunteers who helped with Springtime. She requested that 25 % of next years race proceeds be contributed to Treats for Teens of Boys and Girls Club. This program provides teens with gift cards at Christmas time. A motion was made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote. David Yon announced that Capital Health Plan will return as a sponsor for Turkey Trot. Also, Capital City Bank wishes to be involved. He will have to decide whether to design the t-shirt with additional sponsors. Also, the Pot Luck Bash was granted permission to use the Forrest Meadows facilities after the race.

Treasurer’s Report – Gene Opheim reported that the Chenoweth Fund has $16,871, which is $1600 less than last month, and the Club has $65,625, which is $3909 more than last month. Palace Saloon raised $3073, The Tallahassee Marathon $5700, and Springtime 10K $8168. These are still not complete race totals. Idea Committee: Gene reported the first two results of his Idea Committee, which was comprised of Gene, Nadine Dexter, and Bob Keller. First, all GWTC members will receive a $2 discount on all remaining 2007 GWTC races if they preregister. A motion was made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote to accept this idea. And second, all new members receive a GWTC bumper sticker. All current members may request one anytime in 2007. A motion was made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote to accept this idea. Nadine Dexter added that the fifth idea is to plan more social activities for the Club. No motion was needed. Gene will discuss the third and fourth ideas at the June meeting.

Website Committee Report – David Yon reported an updated photo link section is added to the website.

Chenoweth Fund – David Yon reported the Committee would like to donate $1000 to the Tallahassee Trail Blazers. A motion was made and seconded. After discussion the motion was unanimously approved.

Membership – Peg Griffin reported that there are currently 760 members represented by 430 households. A second tier membership drive to those who requested a copy of the newsletter at Springtime. She has a few memberships coming in from this mailing. Also a total of 23 new households joined the Club as a result of the original mailing. The cost of the mailings was covered by the contribution the Club received from Robert and Shirley Campbell to promote membership.

Clothing Coordinator – Margarete Deckert sold several shirts this month. She will order new embroidered hats in moisture wicking material.

Newsletter – Fred Deckert no report.

Trialthlete Report – Sara Cleveland reported the triathletes are reviving their group. Their first meeting is May 22 at Chez Pierre. They wish to remain associated with Gulf Winds. Robin Safly will write an article for the Fleet Foot. Also the website will be revamped.

Racing Team Report – Lisa for Tim Unger reported there was no team at the Fiesta Run due to lack of interest. For the Gate to Gate run, please let Tim know by May 18 if you plan to run. The fastest 3 men and 3 women will be scored. The new flags arrived with replacement parts for the old ones.

Awards/Grand Prix Committee – Lisa Unger reported that the letter to Hall of Fame members regarding lifetime membership into the Club will go out soon. Rose City race results have arrived and Grand Prix status will be updated soon. The Melon Run is confirmed for June 16. Summer Track will be on Thursdays in June and July. Committee members will track participation for runners 9 years and under. Runners 10 years and older are responsible for filling out a result sheet and turning it in at the table on the infield.

Training Committee – Nadine Dexter reported about 53 people signed up for Boot Camp now in its 7th week. Twenty to thirty runners show up each week for class. May 17 is the final class, which includes a 5 K race open for any runner.

Equipment – Joe Dexter turned in $400 from rental fee. He has lost 2 coolers. He has received the Judge’s Choice Award from the parade at Springtime for the float the Club entered. Bill Lott is investigating how much the repair for the FinishLynx system will cost. The previously approved $150 will not cover the expense. One laptop screen is acting up and needs to be replaced. He will purchase FinishLynx software for $700.

Lecture Series – Fred Deckert reported the next lecture will feature Eric Draper on July 27 at Myers Park. Future speakers include Dr. Thompson of TOC and Kiko Cintron.
OLD BUSINESS: Relay for Life is Friday May 15 beginning at 6 pm with a survivor’s lap. There was a motion to adjourn at 9:33 PM, which was seconded and passed by unanimous vote. The next board meeting will be held on June 13, 2007 hosted by Beth Alexander. These minutes have been reviewed and accepted by the Board. Beth Alexander, Secretary.


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