of the May 9, 2012 Board Meeting Hosted by Jackie McDaniel at Premier Health and Fitness Club

Present: Felton Wright, Herb Wills, Lisa Unger, David Yon, Mary Jean Yon, Bill Lott, Jackie McDaniel, Nancy Stedman, Charlie Yates, Chuck Davis, Paula O’Neill, Tom Perkins, and Elizabeth Stupi

Felton Wright called the meeting to order at 7:31 p.m. Quorum was established.

The Board reviewed the April minutes. A motion was made, seconded and passed to accept the minutes as presented.

New Business

Chuck Davis – On behalf of the Capital City Christian Cruisers track club (CCCC), Chuck requested financial support for the purchase of medals for the District AAU Meet that will be held in Tallahassee on June 2. A motion was made to give the CCCC $1,000 to offset the cost of the medals. The motion was seconded and passed with two dissents.

Chuck Davis – On behalf of the directors of the Ride for Hope, Chuck requested the Club participate in a corporate sponsorship of the event which is scheduled for June 9. The cost of the sponsorship is $750 and would provide the Club with a booth at the vendor expo leading up to the ride, as well as the opportunity to place the Club’s logo on a sponsor board at a water stop and to provide volunteers to work at the water stop the day of the event. After discussion among board members, a motion was made and seconded to support this request in the amount of $750. The motion failed by a majority vote.

Tom Perkins – Tom presented a proposed budget for the 2012 Summer Track Series. After some discussion, the budget was amended and a motion was made to accept the amended budget. The motion was seconded and approved.

Tom Perkins – Tom gave a wrap-up report on the 2012 Tallahassee City Track and Field Championship expenses. The total expenses were $1,476.42 which was within the previously approved budget.

Lisa Unger – Lisa presented a proposed budget for the GWTC 2012 Women’s Distance Festival. She requested that proceeds be split between the Club (50%), the TMH Foundation (25%) and the FSU Women’s Cross Country team (25%) pending the team’s participation. A motion was made to approve the budget as presented, seconded, and passed.

David Yon – David presented a proposed budget for the 2012 Great Pot Luck Bash 4 Miler. A motion was made to approve the budget as presented, seconded, and approved.

David Yon – On behalf of Chuck Goodheart, Park Manager for the City of Tallahassee, David asked the Board to approve a request to put the Club’s logo on t-shirts the City is having made for National Trail Day (June 2). This will be at no cost to the Club. A motion was made to approve the request, seconded, and approved.

Treasurer’s Report – Jerry Chesnutt
No report.

Membership Report –Felton Wright for Mark Priddy
The Club has 1576 members in 889 households. This represents 71 more members and 53 additional households more than last month.

Race Director Coordinator Report – Charlie Yates
Things are moving smoothly.

Newsletter Report – Jackie McDaniel for Fred Deckert
Nothing new to report.

Clothing Coordinator Report –Paula O’Neill
Paula sold $945 worth of clothing and merchandise this month. She sold $388 worth of clothing and merchandise at the Tails and Trails race (included in the total).

Equipment Report –Jackie McDaniel for Vicky Verano
Equipment pickups and drop-offs are going smoothly.

Website Report – David Yon
Nothing new to report.

Chenoweth Fund Report – David Yon
Stefanie Kurgatt has qualified to compete in the Caribbean Scholastic Invitational in San Juan, Puerto Rico. A request was made to the Chenoweth Committee for $1,500 for travel expenses for her mother and her coach, Gary Droze, to accompany her to Puerto Rico. The Chenoweth Committee approved $1,500. A motion was made to approve this request, seconded, and approved. The amount actually needed may be less due to fund raising efforts currently underway.

Triathlon Report – Bill Dillon
No report.

Lecture Series Report – Nancy Stedman
Dr. William Thompson will give a lecture on June 1 on running in the summer heat. The place is still to be determined.

Training Report – Chuck Davis
The Trailblazers are in their 6th week of training. The group continues to get new members; with a total of approximately 150 to date.

Social Coordinator Report –Elizabeth Stupi
The May social is next Saturday, May 12, at the Midtown Filling Station. The June social will be the Great Potluck Bash 4 Miler. The April social was attended by 15 to 20 people at Tom Brown Park.

There being no further business to discuss, a motion to adjourn was made, seconded and passed unanimously at 8:27 p.m.

Jackie McDaniel


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