of the May 13, 2015 Hosted by Lisa Unger

Present: Lisa Unger, Nancy Stedman, Felton Wright, David Yon, Bill Lott, Eric Godin, Katie Sherron, Maggi Beshara, Tracy Taylor, Ann Bowman, Jay Silvanima, Paul Guyas, Herb Wills, Mike Burns, Bobby York

Lisa Unger called the meeting to order at 7:33 p.m.  Quorum was established.

The board reviewed the April minutes.  Motion to approve was made, seconded, and passed.

New Business:


Lisa Unger – Nomination Zack Scharlepp as Co-Social Coordinator.  Motion made to approve, seconded, and passed.

Mike Burns – Wrap up of the Palace Saloon 5k.  Total revenue was $22,863.  Total expenses were $13,156.  Net income was $9,706.80.  Half of the proceeds will be distributed to South City Multi-Sport Club or organizations directly supporting South City Multi-Sport Club..  There were some direct contributions to South City and to the Chenoweth Fund.  Application will be made to make the race an RRCA Championship race next year.

Jay Silvanima & Nancy Stedman  – Proposed budget for the 2015 Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic.  Based on 120 registrations. Total estimated revenue of $7,850, total estimated expenses of $5,177, total estimated net proceeds of $2,673.  After brief discussion a motion to approve the proposed budget was made, seconded, and approved.

Lisa Unger – Proposed budget for the 2015 Women’s Distance Festival 5k.  Based on 210 registrations. Total estimated expenses of $2,458.40, total revenue of $3,870, estimated net proceeds of $1,411.60.  Half of the proceeds will go to the TMH Foundation and FSU XC program.  Motion made to approve the proposed budget, seconded, and approved.

Old Business:

Felton Wright – Update on how the SMIRF program is going.  Eleven coaches have been lined up with one program being on the north side of the softball fields off of N. Meridian and the other program being at Jack McLean park.  This will be included in the Democrat’s list of summer camps.

David Yon – Update on the T-Pal race.  Advertising is under way.  Promotion under way through Nims Middle School and The Boy’s and Girl’s Club.

Bobby York – Update on the Trail Series. It sold out in five days.  The first race will be on May 30th and the last race will be on August 1st. 
Also, as Trail Coordinator, Bobby has met with representatives from several organizations pertaining to trail maintenance in Phipps Park, with the first initiative being to extend a foot bridge through a problem wet area.

Treasurer’s Report – Katie Sherron
Summary amounts are $63,812 in the Club’s Operating account, $,763 in the Events 1 account, $759 in the Events 2 account, $50,351 in the Investment account, $11,308 in the Chenoweth account, and $15,525 in the Tri Club account.  There is an Escrow Replacement figure of (33,823), making the Net Operating Account total $34,511.

Membership Report – Katie Sherron for Mark Priddy  
Current GWTC membership is up 75 members from last month at 1426 members in 741 households.  The Tri Club membership is currently 299 members. 

Race Director Coordinator Report – Charlie Yates 
No report.

Newsletter Report – Nancy Stedman for Fred Deckert
Nothing new to report.

Clothing Coordinator Report – Maggi Beshara
Sales from the Tails n Trails exceeded $1,600.  Most of the recently ordered shirts were sold and old inventory was sold at reduced prices.  Orders for more shirts, car seat covers and car magnets.  Plan to be ready to sell well at the Potluck.  Request was made for a Square Reader Credit Swipe.  After discussion, motion was made to acquire the Square Reader Credit Swipe, seconded, and approved.

Equipment Report – Bill Lott
Vicky Droze purchased 10 new arrow signs.  New chip readers (two 8 port readers) and 16 mats arrived last Tuesday.

Website Committee Report – David Yon
Nothing new.

Chenoweth Fund Report – David Yon
One request from Lincoln H.S. for expenses to get to a regional meet in Jacksonville was turned down.  Another request from Lincoln H.S. for $1,000 to get to state meet; the committee recommended $500.  Motion was made to approve the committee’s recommendation, seconded, and approved.

Triathlete Report – Ann Bowman for Jeff Bowman
Bob Keller’s 1000th race celebration was last month.  Patrick Merle will do a presentation on training with a professional triathlete.

Lecture Series Report – Paul Guyas
No report.

Training Report – Tracy Taylor
Discussion on what running groups are associated with GWTC vs. those loosely organized and not associated with the club but still listed in the Fleet Foot and on the club web site.

Social Report – Eric Godin
Eric had no report and is glad Zack Scharlepp is stepping in for the monthly socials.

David Yon – Proposed budget for the Pot Luck.  Based on 225 runners, estimated expenses are 5925, estimated revenue is 5937, with no net proceeds (a small loss). Motion was made to approve the budget, seconded, and approved.

Maggi Beshara – Mentions that the Square Credit Swipe device could be used for memberships at race registration events.

At approximately 9:00 p.m., motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and approved.


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