Lisa Dapko and Tim Unger


Many GWTC members turned out for the Hog Wild Five Miler in Dothan Jan. 29 to represent our club by taking home overall and age group awards.

Janice Hochstein won an overall award for being the second female to cross the line by running 32:44. Tim Unger took home third place overall with a PR time of 28:20. Age group awards went to Ann Bowman (2nd, 39:14); Bob Keller (2nd, 40:24); Bill de Grummond (1st, 40:22); Carrie Weyant (1st, 33:25); Mike Simms (1st, 31:42); Kay Holland (1st?, 55:09); Terry Presnell (1st, 30:47); Jim Tully (3rd, 34:11); Hobson Fulmer (2nd, 33:43). Other club members who were spotted in the race were Lori Wilmer, Lisa Dapko (43:30), Jeff Bowman (32:21), Mike Weyant (39:14) and Cole Blair (30:50).

The course was a lengthened Critter Run, with the awards also being similar. Pigs are mounted on wood blocks with nice engraved plaques commemorating the event. Quite in contrast to the Critter Run, however, was the weather! At a chilly 40 degrees with a wind nearly as stiff, the rolling hills of Dothan felt like a winter wonderland instead of when sunbaked in August. A high humidity level accounted for a low lying mist that dampened runners’ clothes, but not their spirits!

An after race party was held at Hooter’s, but tables were at a premium, and the wait was long, so some folks just skipped it. All in all it was a very well organized event that everybody enjoyed.

Complete results are reportedly going to be posted on the Dothan Runners Club webpage.