Well, the alligators were rather tame at the Wilderness Run Nov. 5, although there are still one or two runners missing. Perhaps the gators took one look at the ferocity of the battle between the men’s leaders and decided they wanted no part of this group. Gary Droze and Tommy Kunish fought a terrific battle for the five mile title. Kunish fresh off a 41st place finish for FSU at the ACC cross country championship took the early lead. Gary kept pushing the pace with a series of surges and finally just past the mile mark took the lead for good.

Sarah Docter-Williams won the women’s title by a wide margin. Tim Unger and Jane Johnson claimed the masters title. Unger picked up a few more points on Tim Simpkins in the chase for the Grand Prix title. Simpkins will continue to hold a solid lead with just two races to go though. Jane’s finish left her virtually tied with Fran McLean for second in the women’s race. One hundred and eight kids participated in the one-kilometer run making the total number of runners to finish the three races just over 300.

Thanks to race director Gary Kenney and event coordinator Susie Busch-Transou of Tri-Eagle, as well as all of the other sponsors, for putting on this quality event that benefited Keep Leon County and Tallahassee Beautiful and the Chenoweth Fund.