This race got on the calendar a little late, but a crowd of almost 200 showed up to run two laps around Kleman Plaza. The course starts right behind City Hall and is very spectator friendly. You can watch the start and then run to the opposite side of Kleman Plaza and look down on the runners from high up. It is a hilly course, but fun to run.

FSU distance coach Paul Spangler broke 9:00 minutes by one second in this 3K (1.9 mile) race to win for the second straight year. Brooke Bastien was the top female runner with her time of 11:20.

Race director Shannon Sullivan was determined to make sure everyone had a good time and that seemed to happen as a party broke out in the Adams Street Commons with food and drinks provided by Clyde’s and Andrews.


Top Ten Males/Females
1       Paul           Spangler    8:59    
2       Nick           Stuart      9:18    
3       Josh           Ware        9:24    
4       Ryan           Atkins      9:28    
5       Pat            Marshall    9:42    
6       Karl           Hempel      10:31   
7       Dan            Dobrowski   10:36   
8       Jay            Silvanima   10:40   
9       David          Mauterer    10:42   
10      David          Yon         10:46   
1       Brooke         Bastien     11:20   
2       Kingsley       Broughton   11:46   
3       Allie          Hunter      11:24   
4       Fran           Mclean      12:00   
5       Julie          Clark       12:04   
6       No race card
7       Brandi         Rook        13:19   
8       Laura          Davis       13:24   
9       Mary Jane      Tappen      13:40   
10      Mara           Fair        13:59