for April 12, 2023, Hosted by Jerry and Jackie McDaniel

Voting Members Present: Jerry McDaniel, Jennifer Hay, Jeanne O’Kon, Peg Griffin, Mark Priddy, David Yon, Mary Jean Yon, Allen Blay, Lisa Unger, Jo Lena Pace, Judy Alexander, Mark Tombrink, Eric Trombley, Chris O’Kelley. Voting Members Absent: Tom Perkins, Robert Skrob, Debbie Peters, Tina Bahmer. Non-Voting Members Present: Bill Hillison, Bill Lott, Jackie McDaniel, Carter Hay.

I.  Opening and Introduction: Jerry McDaniel opened the meeting at 7:00 p.m.

A motion was made to approve the minutes of the March 8, 2023 meeting, Motion was seconded and passed.

II.  Old Business/Race Closeouts:

Tallahassee Marathon Closeout:  Felton Wright presented the closeout for the 2023 Tallahassee Marathon/Half/Relay.  Race revenue totals $101,984.63, and expenses total $84,959.14, for a net profit of $17,025.49.  The registrations were 200 for the marathon, and 900 for the half-marathon.  He indicated that they “escaped” from some costs this year that were incurred last year. Felton reported that for several reasons, it was difficult to get enough police officers to work.  Motion was made to approve the budget closeout and was seconded.  Motion passed.  The date for next year’s Marathon was discussed, and Felton wants to make sure that it doesn’t conflict with the date of the Olympic trials.

Breakfast on the Track Proposed Budget:  Felton Wright presented a proposed budget for the 2023 Breakfast on the Track Mile.  He anticipates revenues of $2,391.60, and expenses of $2,162.38 for a net profit of $229.22.  Felton reported that in 25 years of the race, it’s the first year that it’s not on the Grand Prix. He feels that it will affect participation.  Motion was made to approve the proposed budget and seconded.  Motion passed.

Chip Timing:  Bill Hillison reported that a committee was formed to look at the possibility of the club timing non-club races.  They concluded that GWTC should continue to time non-club races, and more timers are needed.  Two timers are needed per race.  Each one could earn up to $150 per race, to be negotiated with the race director.  Bill feels this will help to recruit timers who are responsible and committed.  The race director will be responsible for finding the GWTC timers from a list that Bill provides.  The committee also pointed out that the fee for equipment rental has not changed in ten years.  The committee recommended raising the cost of the bibs to $3.00 each (currently it is $2.00).  The timers also need a new computer for timing.  Bill thanked Judy Alexander, Mark Priddy, David Yon, Bill Lott, and Peg Griffin.  Board members inquired as to whether Bill Hillison will serve as the contact for the non-club race directors.  They receive about 15 requests for timing from non-club groups each year. Motion was made to approve the committee’s recommendations, seconded, and passed.  

Dempsey Mayo Road extension letter: Jerry McDaniel signed a letter that was sent to the Dept. of Public Works.  There seemed to be insufficient public input into the extension consideration, which could be dangerous for runners and cyclists.  Jerry attended a meeting with the Asst. County Commissioner and others.  It was in the original deed that a road could be built there.  The land is owned by the state of Florida.   There are four groups that are concerned about this project.  DEP must approve such a project, and it is not approved right now. 

Palace Saloon revised budget:  Bill Lott discussed the proposed budget with a possible change in the amount of the proceeds going to the two charities:  the Alzheimer’s Project and the Parkinson’s Foundation.  There has been an unofficial practice of dividing race proceeds 50% to the club and 50% to the charities.  Board members discussed the pros and cons of donating a certain percentage to charities.  Some feel that the first responsibility is to the club.  David Yon used the example of the Turkey Trot proceeds and how those are divided.  Board members agreed to wait to look over the budget closeout at the next meeting.

III.  New Business:

Race Photography:  Jennifer Hay inquired as to whether we need to find someone to do race photography.  Herb Wills usually takes photos, but due to a death in the family and some computer problems, he has been less active.  A group called Street Safari took the pictures at the Tallahassee Marathon/Half-Marathon.  Jennifer inquired as to whether there should be photographers that are asked to take photos at each race.  A list of available photographers will be developed.  Students in college photography classes could possibly be contacted.

IV.  Announcements from Officers: None.

V.  Reports:

Treasurer:  Peg reported as of March 31, 2023 net assets of $211,582.45 and a net operating loss of $11,737.06.  She added that the $1,000 grant earned by Patrick Koon as 2022-23 Gatorade Boys Cross Country Player of the Year that was reported at last month’s meeting was received this past week.

Triathlete Club:  Eric Trombley reported that the Tri Club held the Red Hills Triathlon last weekend and had good participation.  The next race for the club will be on May 6 at Defuniak Springs.  As president, he wants to encourage more people to volunteer and give back to the community that supports them.  He and Beverly, the Vice-President, will volunteer at every race.

Race Director Coordinator:  Mary Jean Yon reported that the GWTC Race Directors met on March 19 and had a very productive meeting. She shared the following highlights from that meeting with the Board:

  • Many race directors have increased the registration prices for their races to help cover increased expenses. The fee structure for Springtime was shared which included two cut-offs for price increases and different fees for the various length races. Race directors were reminded that registration fees, at a minimum, need to cover the cost of the race t-shirt and/or other giveaway items.
  • There was a good discussion regarding the concept of “race day” registration on behalf of The Flash 12K/6K. While it is the choice of all race directors whether to allow race day registration, the timing team did not view this as a burden as most people register online prior to race day.
  • The group discussed the long-standing practice of sharing race proceeds with selected charities on a 50-50 basis. Discussion ensued, on behalf of the Palace Saloon 5K, about the possibility of changing that practice, noting that the Turkey Trot 15K/10/5K/ and the Bowlegs 5K have long been exceptions.  The draft budget for the Palace included two charities and the request was to have those two charities get a larger share than simply sharing 50% of the race proceeds. It was noted that this discussion was best held with the Board at the race closeout so that there is a better understanding of how much money is under discussion.
  • Mary Jean reported that she continues to work with Major Sally Davis at the Leon County Emergency Medical Service (EMS) to try to find ways to lower costs for having EMS at club races. David Yon is reviewing the RRCA guidelines and the club insurance policy to ensure the board is protected if other options are utilized and asked that race directors continue to use the EMS contracted services in the meantime.
  • The date for the 2024 Tallahassee Marathon/Half-Marathon might need to be changed due to a conflict with the US Olympic Marathon Trials which are scheduled for the first weekend in February in Orlando. There is a possibility that the Marathon and the Flash can switch dates and the respective race directors will explore that option and report back.

Newsletter:  No report.

Membership:   Jo Lena Pace reported that the current membership is 1205 (last year at this time it was 1243) and the number of households is 694 (it was 693 last year at this time). 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:  Gabrielle Gabrielli sent a report stating that the committee members continue to work on outreach efforts such as the Emancipation Day fish fry drive on Thursday May 18 at noon that will provide free fish dinners for seniors. Volunteer runners will be needed starting at 11:00 a.m., and details are forthcoming. Gabrielle is coordinating with the organizers, and they have said they’ll have a volunteer sign up by the end of the week.  They are working on plans to increase the October Cascades running group (headed up by Danny Manausa) to include IRC as well as Girls and Boys Club participants.  Black Girls Run had participants in both the 5K and 10K distances at Springtime, and at least one first time 10K finisher. BGR also had 10-12 volunteers covering the Springtime 10K aid station at the Myers Park tennis courts. Chika Okoro has played an integral role in sharing GWTC events and encouraging active participation by BGR.  Everyone has had an excellent experience.

Education and Lecture:  Mark Tombrink said that tomorrow 6:00 p.m. at TheOlogy, Stan Linton, Ann Centner, and Gary Droze will speak about training for marathons. They have a slide show prepared and it will be a great event. David Yon mentioned that Stan Linton has been such a great supporter of the club. 

Website:  Nothing to report.

Chenoweth Fund:  Nothing to report.  The Potluck Bash is coming up.

Merchandise:  Jeanne reported for Laura McDermott.  The clothing coordinators sold $550 of merchandise at the Springtime race.

Equipment:  Bill Lott reported that when the equipment was picked up for the Springtime races, six tables were found to be broken.  The tables will be examined to determine if any can be repaired.  There are no other equipment issues to report at this time. 

Chip Timing Report:   Bill Lott indicated that the 12 antenna mat inserts ordered last month were received on April 11, 2023.  An extra cost involving an import duty fee of $46.66 has been incurred and paid.  With the receipt of the inserts, all the newer model V-4 mats will be in working order.  The Shamrock Scurry and St. Marks Duathlon were chip timed. 

Grand Prix:  Lisa Unger reported that Debbie Peters is learning the Grand Prix scoring, but it will take time.  Eventually Debbie will take over the Grand Prix scoring.  Lisa will rotate off the Grand Prix Committee next year.  The GWTC feather flags that the club uses are very visible, and Tim Unger recommended buying one that says “Registration.”  This would be helpful especially for big races.  A motion was made and seconded to buy the Registration flags. Motion passed. 

Social:  No Report.

Motion to adjourn was made at 8:27 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted, 

Jeanne O’Kon, Secretary


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