for August 14, 2019 Hosted by Joseph Petty

Board Members Present: Paul Guyas, Alyssa Terry, Laryn Flikkema, David Yon, Chika Okoro, Tec Thomas, Joseph Petty, Jim Halley, Kristin Halley, Herb Wills, Tom Biance, and Judy Alexander.

Others Present: Bill Lott, Johanna Petty, Sarah Shuler, and Connie Tessmer.

The president called the meeting to order at 7:31 P.M. and a quorum was established.

The Board approved the minutes from the June meeting without objection.

Announcements from officers

Due Dates – Alyssa Terry, Secretary

The deadline for all edits to the previous month’s board meeting minutes, agenda items for the upcoming board meeting, and reports for all agenda items for the upcoming board meeting is   the Saturday prior to the upcoming board meeting at noon. However, it would be greatly appreciated for these items to be submitted prior to this deadline.

Email Preference – Laryn Flikkema, Treasurer

Laryn requested that all emails pertaining to Gulf Winds Track Club business be sent to rather than his personal email account.

Guidelines for Board Members – Paul Guyas

Paul reiterated January’s message to the board regarding expectations. The three key components are: being present, giving and taking the opportunity for all to have a voice, and working as a cohesive team. Paul identified a situation recently where through email a concern was brought up to multiple board members followed by collaborative team discussion, clarification of roles, and planning, but  unilateral actions were hastily taken. Paul asks that individual Board members take extra effort to consider established roles and to support the Board in its entirety when considering actions and responses.

Old Business

No Old Business.

New Business

Pine Run budget – Gary Griffin

Gary presented the proposed budget for the 2019 Pine Run. This budget included estimated total revenue of $4,200.00 and estimated total expenditures of $1,655.00 with estimated net proceeds of $2,545.00. Gary requested that 50% of the overall proceeds be donated to Tall Timbers while the other 50% of the overall proceeds go to Gulf Winds Track Club. A motion was made to approve the 2019 Pine Run budget, which was seconded and approved unanimously. Gary stated he will present the 2019 Pine Run Financial Report in November of 2019.

2019 Tannenbaum 6k Budget – Herb Wills

Herb presented the proposed budget for Gulf Winds Track Club’s ninth annual Tannenbaum Trail 6K cross-country race, scheduled for December 21, 2019 at Apalachee Regional Park. Herb reported his proposed budget includes estimated total revenue of $2,100.00 and estimated total expenditures of $1,976.00 with estimated net proceeds of $124.00.  He stated this year’s budget closely resembles the 2018 budget with the exception of a slightly higher unit cost on gloves, as well as an increased number of awards to accommodate the addition of another age group as recommended by the GWTC Youth Council. The Tannenbaum’s youth age groups will now be 8 and under, 9 to 10, 11 to 12, 13 to 14, and 15 to 19. A motion was made to approve the 2019 Tannenbaum Trail 6K budget, which was seconded and approved unanimously. Of note, the 2018 race was the RRCA-Florida State Cross-Country Championship. This fall Herb will be applying to have that designation again in 2020. By having the budget approved in advance of the 2019 cross-country season, Herb should be able to promote the Tannenbaum to athletes attending races at Apalachee Regional Park this fall. Herb stated he will present the 2019 Tannenbaum Trail 6K Financial Report by February 2020’s board meeting.  

Discussion of Group Run Requirements – Connie Tessmer

Connie made the following recommendations for group runs: 1) Introduce yourself to newbies and tell them that you’re glad they’ve joined you, 2) Break down the run for those that want to join the group but not go the full distance, and outline pace groups and recruit pace leaders whenever possible, 3) Plan how you’re going to prevent anyone from getting lost, 4) Verify that you start and finish with the same number of people, and 5) Recruit a sweeper who runs with or behind the slowest runner. The board discussed ways to make these suggestions possible, which primarily included methods to recruit more volunteers.

Halloween Symphony Spooktacular – David Yon

David Yon reported the City of Tallahassee and the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra have requested GWTC’s participation as a trick-or-treat stop at their fourth annual Halloween Symphony Spooktacular event that will take place on Friday, October 25, 2019 from 6-8:30 pm at Cascades Park. This event will include  kids’ activities, trick-or-treat stations, food trucks, as well as a free family concert at 7:00 pm  There is no fee to participate, however it is asked that each trick-or-treat station  have at least 1,000 pieces of candy to give away to children that come to their stop. Each trick-or-treat station will consist of a chair that should be decorated by the station’s volunteers. There will be friendly competition among the trick-or-treat stops with multiple categories and prizes for each winner, including the categories of “Best Candy,” “Best Decorations,” and “Best Overall Costume.” Volunteers are permitted to have their organization name at the station, either by method of a branded table cloth if you bring a 6-foot table or a maximum 18”x24” size yard sign. Banners or feather flag banners are not permitted and solicitations are not permitted. Board members unanimously agreed this would be a good volunteer opportunity.

Update on the Committee on Contract Review – Paul Guyas

Paul informed the Board that the committee on contract review is fully staffed with five members: Tom Biance, David Yon, Nancy Stedman, Bill Dillon, and Michael Kennett.

Grand Prix Awards Committee

Paul reviewed the bylaws for this standing committee clarifying the need for seven members, including two of which must be board members meaning that one more position needs filled. In the interest of fairness, Paul asked that anyone interested, please send a message after the meeting. However, after the meeting, Paul apologetically corrected the issue, stating there is already a full committee already. There will likely be openings next year as members rotate off.

Beginning Running Group – Chika Okoro and Sarah Shuler

Chika and Sarah reported the Beginning Running Group will begin on September 25th. They requested a separate budget of $200 for this running group in order to pay for the necessary supplies and advertising. A motion was made to provide the Beginning Running Group with a budget of $200, which was seconded and approved unanimously. Chika and Sarah stated the Beginning Runners Group was originally offered at a charge and was then offered for free to GWTC members; however, they now would like to provide this training group for free to the community and mentioned the possibility of providing participating members with a complimentary Gulf Winds Track Club membership through the end of this year. The board responded that Mark Priddy would have to be consulted about whether this would be possible with our new membership payment system.  

Payment of Deposit for Turkey Trot Shirts – David Yon

David requested $20,000 from the board for payment of deposit for 2019’s Turkey Trot shirts. A motion for this amount was made, seconded, and unanimously approved.  

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report – Laryn Flikkema

As of July 31, 2019, Gulf Winds Track Club’s Statement of Financial Position reads as follows: total assets of $257,942.01. GWTC’s Statement of Activity from July 1, 2019 – July 31, 2019 includes a gross profit of $10,890.86, total expenditures of $11,530.20, and net revenue of -$639.34. 

Equipment Report – Bill Lott & Tec Thomas

Tec stated he has a work crew, including Mike Savage and Monica Judd, who has volunteered to wash Gulf Winds’ tables and coolers from the rentals. He has secured permission from facility management for this to occur. The tentative date for this event is Wednesday, August 21. Moreover, Tec inquired about the policy regarding who is exempt from paying a deposit fee. It was determined that individuals renting equipment for a school activity, such as a high school track meet, do not have to pay the fee while individuals and/or schools who are putting on an event to benefit an organization do have to pay the fee. Bill Lott then reported the handle on the small race clock carrying case has worn out and will no longer stay attached to the case. Bill will attempt to fix this 25-year-old carrying case; however, if it is not fixable, a soft-sided carrying case costs $139.00 and a hard-sided carrying case costs $399.00.  

Chip Timing Reports – Bill Hillison, Bill Lott, & Peg Griffin

Bill Lott reported GWTC chip timed four races in July, including two non-club races (Capital City Kiwanis Firecracker 5K and the Tally Mac Mile) and two club races (Summer Trail Series Races #2 at Munson Hills and the Summer Trail Series Race #3 at Tom Brown Park). Four races are scheduled to be chip timed in August. Moreover, he stated that two rain covers for the video cameras used with the chip timing equipment were purchased at a total cost of $85.98 ($42.99 each). Two more rain covers will likely be purchased in the near future so that there will be rain covers for all four video cameras used by the Chip Timing Crew.  

Triathlete Report – Wayne Thumm

Nothing new to report. 

Membership Report –Mark Priddy

Mark reported via email that there are currently 1,171 Gulf Winds Track Club members from a total of 621 households.

Training Report – Tom Biance

Tom stated the Sunday Interval group has wrapped up now that the Breakfast on the Track has been completed. Tom is currently working out the details for when the Tallahassee Marathon Training Group will begin. He has started to create a schedule that would incorporate the longer GWTC races, but he will need volunteers to assist with some of the hydration stop set ups. The Beginning Running Group will take place from September 25th through November 13th on Wednesday nights at the FSU track. The Turkey Trot Training Group will start on October 3rd and meet at the Kinetix gym in Southwood for 8 weeks to get ready for the race. 

Education and Lecture Coordinator Report – Chris Stanley

Nothing new to report. 

Race Director Coordinator Report – Mary Jean Yon

Mary Jean reported via email that efforts are underway to schedule the next meeting of the GWTC Race Directors.

Trail Coordinator Report –Jim Halley

Jim reported that Dominic Milner is setting up a trail cleanup with the Tallahassee Mountain Bike Association. He requested that individuals respond to Dominic’s survey to help determine the best day and time for a group cleanup at Maclay’s single track trails prior to the 5-mile Summer Trail Series race set to take place there.

Chenoweth Fund Report – David Yon

The Chenoweth Fund received one request for funding. Wakulla Middle School asked for $1,000 to help with equipment for cross country and track runners. The committee unanimously approved an award of $500. David asked to make a motion for the GWTC board to ratify this decision; if ratified, the check for $500 should be made out to Wakulla Middle School running programs. A motion was made, seconded, and approved unanimously.

Website Committee Report – David Yon

David stated Gulf Winds Track Club has officially transitioned to their new website. Please contact either Peg Griffin or David Yon with any comments, questions, or corrections.  

Youth Council Report – Kaari Guyas

Paul provided the Youth Council Report on behalf of Kaari Guyas. He stated the Youth Council met with Amy Hines to learn about the Tallahassee Striders. Amy provided some insight as to the outreach of her program as far as which schools may know about it and which don’t. It was determined that although she may reach the school contact, the information is not necessarily being passed on to students.

Clothing Coordinator Report –Laura McDermott and Sherri Wise

Laura reported via email that Gulf Winds is now selling seat covers that are charcoal colored and extra-long (34” x 62”). These longer covers will enable runners to place them over their headrests if desired. These seat were purchased for $27.50 each and will be sold for $30.00.

Social Report – Vicky Droze

Vicky reported via email that 11 people attended game night on July 7th, which was the best turnout since its inception in January 2018. Brittany Bevis posted an entertaining video highlighting the event onto the Gulf Winds Facebook group for those interested. Vicky requests that GWTC members share upcoming game nights on Facebook since the majority of members are not on GWTC’s listserve. The next game night will take place on August 4th with the following games: Scattergories, Family Feud, Taboo, cards, dice, Pictionary, etc. Members are also encouraged to bring their favorite game to teach the group. Game nights are usually held at Momo’s on Market St. The club buys the pizza and soft drinks and members buy their own alcoholic drinks. Postcards offering a $5 drink credit continue to be randomly sent to 20 members every couple of months so be on the look out! Call or email Vicky Droze for more information at (850)339-7766 or

Newsletter Report – Fred Deckert

Nothing new to report.  

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed. The meeting adjourned at 8:45 P.M.

Alyssa Terry, Secretary


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