for December 11, 2019, Hosted by Laryn Flikkema

Board Members Present: Paul Guyas, Jim Halley, Alyssa Terry, Laryn Flikkema, Kristin Halley, David Yon, Mary Jean Yon, Tom Biance, Chika Okoro, Herb Wills, Mark Priddy, Joseph Petty, Chris Stanley, and Judy Alexander. 

 Others Present: Bill Hillison, Johanna Petty, Bill Lott, Bobby York, Kaari Guyas, Sade Guyas, and Nancy Warren.

The president called the meeting to order at 7:31 P.M. and a quorum was established.

The Board approved the minutes from the November meeting without objection.

Announcements from officers

No Announcements.

Old Business

Concerns & Solutions for GWTC Treasury – Chika Okoro

Chika stated there was a question raised in the previous board meeting regarding whether GWTC should hire a CPA to assist with finances. Chika believes it may be a good idea to implement a checks and balances system into the GWTC treasury system to ensure accuracy; however, multiple board members including outgoing treasurer, Larryn, Flikkemna, raised concerns that more than one person involved with bookkeeping would likely result in errors. Joseph Petty volunteered to be involved with bookkeeping if assistance is needed. All questions were addressed. Incoming treasurer David Yon will come back to the board with suggestions for what is needed as he gets situated into the role. 

New Business

2020 Bowlegs Budget – Bill Hillison

Bill presented the proposed budget for the 2020 Bowlegs 5k. This budget included an estimated total revenue of $2,300.00 and estimated total expenses of $1,410.00 with estimated total proceeds of $890.00. A motion was made to approve the proposed budget for the 2020 Budget 5k, which was seconded and approved unanimously. Bill stated GWTC members will be offered a registration discount. A wrap-up report will be provided in February 2020.

Committee Role Call – Paul Guyas

Paul stated he is currently working on assembling a list of GWTC’s committees. This list will be presented in the next board meeting. Any existing committees that are no longer contributing to GWTC will be suspended.

Swamp Forest Trail Run Budget – Bobby York

Bobby presented the Swamp Forest Trail Run Budget. This budget included an estimated total revenue of $4,500.00 and estimated total expenses of $2,290.00 with estimated total proceeds of $2,210.00. A motion was made to approve the proposed budget for the 2020 Swamp Forest Trail Run; this budget was seconded and approved unanimously. Bobby stated GWTC members will receive a discount. A wrap-up report of this year’s Swamp Forest will be reported to the board by February 2020.

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report – Laryn Flikkema

As of December 31, 2019, Gulf Winds Track Club’s Statement of Financial Position reads as follows: total assets of $268,255.00. GWTC’s Statement of Activity from July 1, 2018 – December 31, 2019 includes a gross profit of $198,977.84, total expenditures of $189,304.19 and net revenue of $9,673.65. GWTC’s monthly statement of activity for December includes a monthly gross profit of $107,268.75, total expenditures of $45,189.62 and net revenue of $62,079.13.

Equipment Report – Bill Lott and Tec Thomas

Bill reported the trailer lights are not working again. Tec added that TUDF says the trailer will not be necessary for use in that event. Also, no other GWTC events have requested the trailer for the remainder of the year. Tec also reported via email that locks for the storage unit have been purchased and will be installed by the end of the month. Tec Thomas and Bill Lott will have keys. Moreover, new rental rates will take effect in the beginning of 2020.

Race Director Coordinator Report – Mary Jean Yon

Mary Jean stated she hopes to be able to have a Race Directors meeting in January. She will send out a doodle poll to determine that date.

Chip Timing Reports – Bill Hillison, Bill Lott, and Peg Griffin

Bill reported the three chip timing mates that were reported sent for repair last month were received back from repair the week before Thanksgiving and were used at the Turkey Trot races. He also stated GWTC chip timed five races, three non-club races and two club races in November. The non-club races were the UPLIFT Run for Children of HOPE 5K/1M, Race 4 Readiness 5K/1M, and Run the Race 5K/1M.  The club races were the Rex Cleveland Magic! Mile and Turkey Trot 15K/10K/5K/1M. A report covering the year 2019 will likely be presented at the January Board meeting.

Membership Report – Mark Priddy

Mark reported Gulf Winds Track Club currently has 1,447 members from 785 households. There have been 135 new members since the November GWTC board meeting. Mark is looking into options using the platform to more easily clarify active members vs non-members to potentially increase membership.  Moreover, the Board acknowledges the passing of long-time member Jerry Chesnutt. Jerry was Club Treasurer from 2010-2014. A memorial is planned by the family sometime in January 2020.

Trail Coordinator Report – Jim Halley

Jim reported Tallahassee’s trails appear to be in good shape. He also stated Tallahassee is currently developing a trail master plan with a consultant. Changes to the trails may include a power line extension through Apalachicola Forest and Munson within the next few years. Moreover, there will be both a 4-hour and 24-hour Florida Extreme Adventure Race in Tallahassee on April 18th and 19th, 2020. These races will include running, biking, kayaking, orienteering, and more through the woods of Tallahassee. If you do not wish to participate in one of these races, they are currently looking for volunteers.

Chenoweth Fund Report – David Yon

Nothing new to report.

Training Report – Thomas Biance

Tom stated the Turkey Trot Training Group wrapped up last month with approximately 20-30 people participating every week. There will not be a Tallahassee Marathon nor Half-Marathon Group this year. Tom will be coordinating with Zack and Rachel Scharlepp in the near future to organize a Springtime Training Group. Tom reports considering stepping down from the position of GWTC Training Group Coordinator in the near future. Please contact Tom if you are interested in stepping into this role, as he will be more than happy to provide the necessary training to be successful in this role.

Triathlete Report – Wayne Thumm

Nothing new to report.

Website Committee Report – David Yon

Nothing new to report.

Youth Council Report – Kaari Guyas

Nothing new to report.

Clothing Coordinator Report –Laura McDermott and Sherri Wise

Nothing new to report.

Education and Lecture Coordinator Report – Chris Stanley

Chris reported a talk was held at Premier last month, which was modestly attended. Chris expressed the desire to set up a “Beginning Runners Group” talk for the community in the near future.

Social Report – Vicky Droze and Joe Petty

Vicky stated via email that the GWTC Holiday Party will take place on Saturday, December 14, 2019.

During the meeting, Joe stated Kearns Hiatt has volunteered to be the new lead for the Low Country Boil that is traditionally served at the GWTC Potluck Bash. Joe also said that everything is prepared for the holiday party with the exception of security; since there have been 235 people register for this year’s holiday party, we will need 2 security guards.

Newsletter Report – Robert and Kory Skrob

Nothing new to report.

A motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed. The meeting adjourned at 8:53 P.M.

Alyssa Terry, Secretary



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