for December 13, 2023, Hosted by Robert and Kory Skrob

Voting Members Present:  Jerry McDaniel, Jennifer Hay, Jeanne O’Kon, Mary Jean Yon, Mark Tombrink, Mark Priddy, David Yon, Allen Blay, Jo Lena Pace, Chris O’Kelley, Debbie Peters, Lisa Unger, Robert Skrob, Beverly Harrell.  Voting Members Absent: Peg Griffin, Tom Perkins, Judy Alexander, Tina Bahmer.  Non-Voting Members Present:  Bill Lott, Jackie McDaniel, Herb Wills, Robert McNeal, Carter Hay, Kory Skrob, Keith Rowe, Rob Klepper, Zach DeVeau, Joi Savery.

I.  Opening and Introduction:

Jerry McDaniel opened the meeting at 7:02 p.m.  A motion was made to approve the minutes of the November 11, 2023 meeting, Motion was seconded and passed.

II.  Old Business/Race Closeouts:

a.  Youth Grand Prix: Lisa Unger presented the adult 2024 Grand Prix schedule at the November meeting, and she presented the 2024 Youth Grand Prix at this meeting. There are seven One Mile races and seven 5K races.   Motion was made to approve and seconded.  Motion passed.

b.  Turkey Trot 15K/10K/5K/1m Budget Closeout: There were 5170 registrants and 4536 finishers.  Mary Jean reported that this is a tentative budget because it has not been finalized with Peg.  A $2,500 check is still coming from CHP.  The net revenue is $39,416.47, which will be split four ways among the three charities and GWTC ($9,854.12 per charity).  This is slightly down from previous years.  Including the online donations to the charities (total $9628), each one will receive approximately $13,000.00. Motion was made and seconded to approve this tentative budget closeout.  Motion passed.

III.        New Business:

a.  Flash 12K/6K Budget Proposal: Keith Rowe and Rob Klepper reported that ambulance services from Wakulla County are provided free of charge.  Motion was made and seconded to approve this budget proposal. Motion passed.

b.  GWTC 30K/15K Budget Proposal: Zach DeVeau said that the proposed budget is similar to that of previous years.  About 160 runners are expected.  The budget is almost even with a possible revenue of $38.00.  Motion to approve this budget proposal was made and seconded.  Motion passed.

c.  Springtime 10K/5K/1m Budget Proposal: Jerry McDaniel said he expects about $40,000 in registrations, with about $6,000 or more in sponsorships.  The registration price will be the same as last year.  Gulf Winds Credit Union is the primary sponsor and will be at the expo.  The revenue will be split among GWTC and two beneficiaries (National Alliance on Mental Illness and Holy Comforter Episcopal School).  The school is constructing a track around the football field, and it should be completed in the spring.  GWTC members will have usage of the track for events as part of a written agreement with the school.  Intervals may eventually be held there.  Motion to approve this budget proposal was made and seconded.  Motion passed.

d.  USATF National Club XC Championships: Judy Alexander sent a report about the Championships at the ARP last Saturday. GWTC was represented by 36 members, running in various races throughout the day.  This was a better turnout than expected and everyone enjoyed themselves.  Judy reported that it was “fun to see all those runners with the GWTC logo emblazoned on their racing singlets.”  Participants will be reimbursed $100 each for their entry fee and USATF membership. 

e.  Use of FSU Track: Bill Lott, David Yon, Tom Perkins, and Bernie Waxman met with FSU head coach Bob Braman.  This was about getting access to the FSU track. The track resurfacing was expensive. They discussed possible ideas for use of the track. The Leon High School track is open for public use on Saturdays 7:00-11:00 a.m.

IV.  Announcements from Officers:

a.  Mark Priddy introduced Joi Savery, who is working with some of the GWTC running groups.

b.  Chika Okoro will be honored as an “Outstanding Community Woman” at the TCC Women’s History Month event on Wednesday, March 6 at 5:30 p.m. in the TCC Student Union Ballroom. The event is free and open to the public.

c.  Jerry announced that the Capital Regional Planning Commission has been asked to create a Task Force on Cyclist/Pedestrian Safety. Jerry will serve on the committee.

d.  Bonnie and Felton Wright will step down from directing the Tallahassee Marathon after 2024. Jerry asked for anyone interested to shadow Bonnie and Felton this coming year to learn about the Marathon.

e.  Kory Skrob said that Kim Smith contacted her regarding a United Way project called “Comfort and Joy.” The United Way’s Emerging Leaders has a service project collecting cold-weather essentials like socks, mittens, and knit caps for families especially vulnerable to the winter cold.  She wanted to know if GWTC and any running groups would like to do a group collection to assist with the project.  Jennifer reported that REI donated 150 pairs of socks to the project.

f.  Katie Sherron has graduate students in Economics who would like to develop an impact study of the Tallahassee Marathon and GWTC generally.

g.  Event Vesta: Jerry described the role of this group (Andrew is the contact). They will put a race event on 15 different publications to advertise it on their Events page for $15-$20 per event.  This may be helpful to race directors to help advertise races. Jerry will get more information for the Board.


V.  Reports:

a.  Treasurer’s Report:  As of November 30, 2023, net assets are $206,511.94, and net loss   as of November 30, 2023, is $22,086.83.

b.  Tri Club: Club president Beverly Harrell reported that the Duathlon (March 3) is now open for registration.  The Tri Club volunteered at the Turkey Trot.

c.  Race Director Coordinator: Nothing to report.

d.  Newsletter: Robert Skrob indicated that Dec. 20 is the deadline for the upcoming Fleet Feet.

e.  Membership: Jo Lena Pace reported that there are 1254 memberships (1244 last year at this time) and 712 households (703 last year at this time).

f.  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:   The International Rescue Committee (IRC) youth program concluded in November. GWTC provided a stellar group of volunteers. The kids loved the program.  New kids continued to arrive each week. They averaged 38 kids and 12 volunteers for each of the weekly sessions.  Weeks 6 and week 7 had to be rescheduled due to thunderstorms. The kids who are refugees came from countries  including Afghanistan, Congo, Colombia, Guatemala, and Syria. The IRC has asked GWTC to do a program in the Spring, and the plan is to do so.  Danny Manausa organized the program, and Gabrielle Gabrielli supported the efforts by developing an online volunteer registration form as well as a language guide with eight languages the kids spoke. Members of the committee enjoyed volunteering at the weekly events.

g.  Education and Lecture: Mark Tombrink has no report at this time.  Board members are encouraged to send him any ideas that they have for the future.

h.  Website:  No report.

i.  Chenoweth Fund: No report.

j.  Merchandise: The merchandise has been moved to Debbie Peters’ house temporarily.  There has not been a definite agreement arranged with Cadence Running yet.  Sherri Wise has been contacted about this. Debbie was asked to contact Sherri Wise and find out the specific arrangement with Cadence Running. 

k.  Equipment: Bill Lott reported that Vicky Droze purchased a 60-quart, wheeled chest cooler ($54.99) and two 50-watt megaphones ($62.99 each) to replace those that are broken.  A 52-quart chest cooler was donated to the Club.  There are no other equipment issues to report.

l.  Chip Timing: Bill Lott reported that in November, GWTC chip timed two non-Club races (Brewtallaty Offroad Duathlon and Veterans Day 5K) and one Club race (Tallahassee Turkey Trot 1M/5K/10K/15K).  In December, three Club races (GWTC 10M & 5M Challenge; Tallahassee Ultra Distance Classic 50M/50K/Marathon; and Tannenbaum 6K) will be chip timed.  Three Club races (Swamp Forest Trail Run Quarter Marathon/Half Marathon/20.5M; GWTC 30K/15K; and Bowlegs 5K Run for Scholarship) are scheduled to be chip timed in January.  

m.  Grand Prix: Lisa Unger reported that the 5 and 10-Mile Challenge was the last Grand Prix race on the 2023 calendar, but it was cancelled due to weather.  Lisa analyzed the scores for those individuals who only had two races at that point in time (three are required).  Only one person would have broken into the Top Five of the age group if the race had been held. Lisa asked if that person could be assigned 2nd place in her age group (there was only one other person in the age group).  Lisa also announced that some changes will be made in 2024—two new members will join the Grand Prix committee. 

Lisa discussed the new policy intended to increase volunteerism by requiring Grand Prix participants to volunteer at one race.  For the Youth Grand Prix, she felt that 0-14 should not be obligated to meet that requirement.  Beverly reported how the tracking of volunteer hours is done for the Tri Club.  She encouraged race directors to contact her for volunteers because Tri Club members need volunteer hours. Mark Priddy stated that this new policy needs to be included in the Bylaws.  Lisa and Mary Jean are developing a report on this.

n.  Social: No report.

Other Announcements:

Jerry met with the Deputy of Veterans Affairs reported that on Feb. 24, 2024 there will be a Lt. Governors 5K.  GWTC will be asked to time the event, and it will probably be on the Firecracker race course.

Jennifer announced that Amy O’Kelley will take over the School Grants responsibility.

Jerry thanked the people who are rolling off the Board:  Lisa Unger, Chris O’Kelley, and Jo Lena Pace.

Joi and Jennifer talked about additional ways to encourage community members to join GWTC.  The web site provides a lot of club information, but people need to be informed about the benefits of joining GWTC.  The tri-fold brochure that is available to the public is one resource. 

Kory Skrob complimented Beverly Harrell on her job as Tri Club president.

Meeting adjourned 8:19 p.m.          


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