for January 12, 2022, Hosted by David and Mary Jean Yon

Voting Members Present: Mark Priddy, Heather Vickers, Jeanne O’Kon, Peg Griffin, Tom Perkins, Herb Wills, David Yon, Jo Lena Bryan, Mary Jean Yon, Philip Sura, Lisa Unger, Stephanie Liles-Weyant, Judy Alexander, Robert Skrob, Kory Skrob. Voting Members Absent: Kendrah Richards, Tina Bahmer, Paul Guyas.

Non-Voting Members Present: Bill Lott, Mark Tombrink, Tarik Noriega, Doug Bell.

I. Opening and Introduction:

The meeting was called to order by Mark Priddy at 7:00 p.m. A quorum was established. The January 2022 agenda was approved without objection. A motion to approve the revised December minutes was made, seconded, and passed.

III. Old Business/Race Closeouts:

Update on Greenway Mile Markers in Memory of Mike Boll: Peg Griffin explained that Mike Boll’s family donated $5,000 for GWTC to use as appropriate. Mile markers will be placed from Fleischmann Road to Crump Road with the GWTC logo and “In memory of Mike Boll.” Additionally, the maps at each kiosk will be reprinted with a brief statement about Mike Boll and the gift that made the mile markers possible. The graphic will be developed and the Board will review it before moving forward. The expenditure for the markers has already been approved by the Board.

Run for Sickle Cell Wrap-up: Peg Griffin stated the race generated revenue of $7,920.72, and expenses totaling $3,748.92, for a net profit of $4,171.80. She reported that Paul Guyas recommended that the net proceeds be split with the Sickle Cell Foundation, with the Foundation receiving $3,660.02 (includes donations of $1,405.14), and GWTC retaining the remainder. A motion to approve this wrap-up was made, seconded, and passed.

Prefontaine 5K: Mary Jean spoke for Mike Baker. The race was virtual, and the net profit was $16.80. In addition, donations of $250.00 were received for St. Francis Wildlife, and $15.00 for the Chenoweth Fund. Allen Blay will be the new race director. A motion to approve this wrap-up was made, seconded and passed.

Rex Cleveland Magic Mile: Peg reported on behalf of the race directors that the race generated revenue of $1,330.38 and expenses of $2,017.33 for a net loss of $686.95. Donations in the amount of $59.00 were received for the Chenoweth Fund. It was moved, seconded, and approved that the money be sent to the Chenoweth Fund, and the close-out was approved as presented. The race directors were Toma Wilkerson and Myrna Hoover.

Turkey Trot: Mary Jean Yon reported that there were more participants than expected . The race generated revenue of $108,122.16, and expenses of $74,454.44. The net revenue was $33,667.72. Mary Jean proposed that the profit be split four ways among the three charities and GWTC. A motion approving the report and authorizing the payouts to the charities was made, seconded and passed.

10 Mile/5 Mile Challenge: Mark Tombrink reported that the race generated revenue of $3,026.72 and expenses of $3,491.68 for a net loss $464.96. Donations in the amount of $155.00 were received for the Chenoweth Fund. A motion to approve this wrap-up was made, seconded, and passed.

TUDC: Nancy Stedman presented (by telephone) the wrap-up of the 2021 TUDC race closeout. Total revenues were $7,783.90 and expenses were $4,611.01 which resulted in net revenue of $3,172.89. She requested the net proceeds be split with $1,586.45 to Friends of Wakulla Springs and $1,586.44 to GWTC. A motion to approve this wrap-up was made, seconded, and passed.

2022 Grand Prix Race Schedule: Bill Lott had some questions about the 2022 Grand Prix Schedule. There is a conflict between the Breakfast on the Track Mile and the St. George Island Sizzler 5K since they are both scheduled on August 6th. The second issue was that there are two races on the Youth Schedule that are 6K races, but that violates the GWTC policy that Youth races cannot exceed 5K distances. David Yon made a motion to allow the 6K races and the policy be revised to include 6K races going forward for the Youth Grand Prix competition. An amendment to the motion was made to allow the 6K races to remain on the youth schedule for 2022 and to direct the committee to review its policy and recommend revisions for consideration by the Board at its next meeting. The amendment being accepted, the motion was seconded and passed.

II. New Business:
Proposed 2022 Flash 12K/6K Budget: Keith Rowe presented his proposed budget for the Flash 12K/6K race which is scheduled for February, 12, 2022. The budget includes anticipated revenues of $7,250 and expenses of $4,734 resulting in estimated net revenue of $2,516. A motion to approve this proposed budget was made, seconded, and passed.

Proposed Palace Saloon 5K 2022 Budget: Mark Priddy presented the proposed budget for the Palace Saloon 5K for April 23, 2022. The budget includes anticipated revenue of$9,478 and expenses of $7,388 resulting in estimated net revenue of $2,090. A motion to approve the proposed budget was made, seconded, and passed.

RRCA Membership Renewal: David Yon renewed the RRCA membership and insurance, selecting the two million dollar policy to provide additional liability. David paid for this and Peg has provided a check to reimburse David for $4,657.00.
Proposed Thomasville Road Multi-Use Path: Doug Bell is a member of the Board of the Tallahassee Mountain Biking Association, which supports the Tallahassee-Thomasville Multi-Use Path. Leon County, Gadsden, and Wakulla officials are working together to develop this plan as part of the Greenway Master Plan and bike route system. The plan goes before the Capital Regional Transportation Planning Agency Board on January. 31. The path is 8-12 feet wide and would run from Betton Road to the Market District, primarily along Thomasville Road. It is a multi-use path that provides cycle and pedestrian access up to the ravine park up to Maclay Road and the Phipps property. Doug asked that GWTC officially support the proposal. A motion to support the multiuse trail was made, seconded, and passed. David Yon will work on a letter from GWTC to support the project.

Diversity: Tarik Noriega presented a statement about why he believes that GWTC should disband the Diversity Committee. He feels strongly that it represents a political issue that the club should not be involved in. A discussion ensued, and points were made about the good work that has been accomplished to date through the A Community Thrives grant and other efforts geared towards assisting communities in need. It was also noted that gender issues are dealt with by international athletic organizations and times are changing as these are complicated issues. The group agreed that it is appropriate for members to question why the club does certain things, but no action would be taken to disband the committee.

V. Announcements from Officers:

Jeanne O’Kon, Secretary, requested that race directors send budget close-outs and proposed budgets in advance, so that they can be sent by e-mail with the agenda and the minutes well in advance of the Board meetings.
Mark Priddy announced that Nicole Black-Benson has directed races before, and is interested in getting involved as a race director. Mark also read an e-mail from Lee Williams who is looking for a Running Club Coach for Kindergarten- Grade 5 for after school at Maclay School. Judy Alexander is assisting him in locating someone to help. It lasts 8-10 weeks and the stipend is $1,000.00.

Mark also mentioned that Howdy’s Portable Toilets is now charging $125 per portable toilet, but GWTC is charged $90 per toilet.

Mark stated that there are four scholarships available from LuluLemon for non-club members. The scholarship pays for their membership for one year and includes free items from Lululemon as well. Names (male or female 18 or over) should be given to Mark Priddy.

David Yon will convene the By-Laws Committee and have a report by the next meeting.

VI. Reports:

1) Treasurer: Peg reported that the sum of total assets currently in the bank accounts is $281,845.06. The Chenoweth Fund contains $10,638.90, and the Triathlon Club has a balance of $8,743.99. She provided a report showing all net income, and she paid the sales tax for the past year. The comparison between a COVID year and a normal year was provided.

2) Triathlete Club: Kory Skrob reported that the Triathlete Club had a good holiday party and will have Annual Awards on January 17th. Kory and Robert will be the race directors of the Duathlon on March 20th.

3) Race Director Coordinator: Mary Jean passed out copies of the draft Springtime budget. The race will be held on April 2nd. There is a committee directing the race: Tom Perkins, Timing Team, Jerry McDaniel, Rachel Scharlepp, Heather Vickers, Lisa Unger, and Vicky Verano. They are hoping for 1,000 registrants. The committee is deciding whether or not to do cash awards, and the course has to be re-certified. Tom Biance is willing to help with a training group. A motion was made to approve the proposed budget. The motion was seconded and passed.

4) Newsletter: Robert Skrob reported that in using RunSignUp, its reporting on membership is lacking. Joseph Petty helped build a Google sheet to help track memberships. He was concerned about how to decide who has access to the membership data. David Yon will help Robert with that. A comprehensive policy on privacy is needed. Board members asked about how club members are notified that their club membership is expiring, and Mark indicated that RunSignUp generates five e-mails letting members know that their membership is about to expire. The deadline for this upcoming issue of the Fleet Foot is January, 21st.

5) Membership: Jo Lena Bryan reported that there are 1,172 members currently versus 1,087 last year, as well as 631 families versus 566 at this same time last year.

6) Diversity: Mary Jean reported for Chris Turner. He has a meeting set up for next week regarding the A Community Thrives grant and other items. He added that he has been approached about using some of those grant funds to pay for registration for the Springtime races for those that can’t afford it with an emphasis on the Boys and Girls Clubs members. He also reported that Jenny Dailey is trying to organize a 5K on the south side in May and she needs some help with it.

7) Education and Lecture: Judy Alexander reported that this month’s lecture will not be held due to COVID concerns. She will set a new date for the lecture in February and notify everyone accordingly.

8) Web Site: David Yon and Peg Griffin: Nothing new to report.

9) Chenoweth Report: David Yon: Nothing new to report.

10) Merchandise: No report.

11) Equipment: Bill Lott stated that in December, Vicky Droze purchased 15 “Race in Progress” signs with heavy-duty welded wire stakes at a total cost of $399.75. The signs are needed to replace similar signs that have seen better days. One of the non-working race clocks has been shipped to the manufacturer in California for repair. The cost to ship the 45-pound clock via UPS was $110.23, which was the least expensive option available. As reported last month, another race clock quit working in November and its batteries were replaced in December at a cost of $53.73. The storage unit locks were treated with rust inhibitor and are working better now. However, the locks will likely be replaced in the future. 12) Chip Timing: Bill Lott reported that during December, two Club races were chip timed, the GWC 10 Mile/5 Mile Challenge and the Tallahassee Ultra-Distance Festival 50K/50 Miler/Marathon. For January, three Club races and one non-Club race are scheduled to be chip timed. The three Club races are the Swamp Forest Trail Half Marathon/Quarter Marathon/20.5 Mile Runs, Bowlegs 5K/1 Mile, and GWTC 30K/15K. The non-Club race scheduled is The Trent 10K/5K/1 Mile. In February, two Club and one non-Club races are scheduled for chip timing. The Club races are the Tallahassee Marathon/Half Marathon/Marathon Relay and the Flash 12K/6K. The non-Club race is the Live Better Heart and Sole 1 Mile Run in Thomasville.

Bill Hillison is attempting to repair timing mats that need to be tested.

13) Grand Prix: Mark Tombrink asked members to submit to him any comments they may have about the Awards ceremony. Heather inquired as to the process that can be used to contact recipients of the Grand Prix awards who did not attend the Awards Meeting.

14) Social: Mark Priddy stated that Tina sent a report about the Awards Meeting budget. She will bring a proposed budget for the next year to the Board in July.

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded, and passed. Meeting was adjourned at 9:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Jeanne O’Kon


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