for September 14, 2022, Hosted by Heather Vickers at Momo's Pizza

Voting Members Present: Mark Priddy, Heather Vickers, Jeanne O’Kon, Peg Griffin, Tom Perkins, David Yon, Mary Jean Yon, Lisa Unger, Stephanie Liles-Weyant, Kory Skrob, Robert Skrob, Judy Alexander, Philip Sura, Kendrah Richards. Voting Members Absent: Herb Wills, Tina Bahmer, Paul Guyas. Non-Voting Members Present: Bill Lott, Mark Tombrink, Tarik Noriega, Bonnie Wright, Allen Blay, Julia Sura.

  1. Opening and Introduction: The August 10, 2022 meeting minutes were approved.

II.  Old Business/Race Closeouts:

Breakfast on the Track 1m 2022: Bonnie Wright reported revenues of $2,695.56 and expenses of $2,705.14, for a net loss of $9.58. A motion was made and seconded to approve the final budget. Board members voted to approve this motion.

Miller Landing Madness 8K/5K/3K 2022: Bill Lott provided a detailed budget report showing the race expenses. He reported revenue of $5,748.25, and expenses totaling $7,273.02, for a net loss of $1,524.77. Direct donations in the amount of $871.98 to Second Harvest of the Big Bend were received. A loss of $1130 was budgeted, but the actual loss was $1524.  A motion was made and seconded to approve the final budget. Board members voted to approve this motion.

Summer Trail Series Closeout: No report.

Sneakers4Funds: This program is sponsored by RRCA, and Mark Priddy discussed it in last month’s meeting. Many agreed that the responsibility was an additional burden on race directors to bring the bin and collect the sneakers at races. It is popular in Orlando, but that is a much larger city. A motion was made and seconded to pass on the idea. Board members voted to approve this motion.

III.  New Business:

Trail Running and Racing Coordinator: Mark Priddy described the position and said that Brandy Fortune offered to assume this position. She will be the coordinator for the training groups. A motion was made and seconded to approve Brandy for this position. Board members voted to approve the motion.

GWTC Membership Data Protection: Robert Skrob provided a handout describing the responsibility of GWTC to safeguard data submitted by members to access club benefits. A clear policy does not exist to determine who has access to this information and who can give permission for others to have access to the membership data. The proposed policy would give access to the Treasurer, Chip timers, Membership Director, and Membership App developer.

App Smith would provide access to all volunteers with RunSignUp access, GWTC Secretary, Fleet Foot editor, and Tri Club secretary and Grand Prix volunteer tabulator. The data could also be available to Race Directors and the Beginning Running Group. Robert provided an example of a Confidentiality Statement that could be used by those who have access. Board members discussed who actually needs access to the information and which data needs to be protected. Members agreed that the cumulative membership file with all member data should not be shared with outside entities and should be managed by a limited number of members (the Membership Director, the club secretary, etc.). Robert asked Board members to provide recommendations for revisions to the proposed policy and will submit a final proposal at a future meeting of the Board.

Turkey Trot 2022 Proposed Budget: Mary Jean Yon presented a proposed budget, with a conservative estimate of the participants. There will not be a Turkey Trot magazine this year. Race day registration will be raised to $35.00 to discourage race day registration. The net revenue is estimated to be $33,667.77. Motion to approve was made and seconded. Board members voted to approve the motion.

Halloween Spooktacular Event: David Yon announced that the City of Tallahassee and Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra will host the Halloween Symphony Spooktacular event on Oct. 28 from 6:00– 8:30 Cascades Park. It is a free community event. The Spooktacular features the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra, free family concert, kids’ activities, trick-or-treat stations, and food trucks. Motion to support this event was made and seconded. Board members voted to approve the motion.

Senior Center Outdoor Fitness Extravaganza: This event was held at the Senior Center on Monday, Sept. 12. Mark Priddy, Bill Lott, Jo Lena Bryan, and Jeff Bryan set up a table and provided information about GWTC and gave away some door prizes.

Greenway Signs: Peg announced that the four signs to be installed on the Greenway will go up very soon. Jerry McDaniel will contact the Boll family once the signs are installed to let them know how their donation in Mike’s memory was used.

Prefontaine 5K on Sept. 24: Allen Blay is a first-time race director. He is directing the Prefontaine 5K in two weeks. He needs volunteers and asked for race assistance.

IV.  Announcements from the Officers:

Jeanne indicated that no one signed up to host the November Board meeting. Kendrah Richards will host the meeting in the TCC Administration Building meeting room.

V.   Reports:

Treasurer’s Report: Peg Griffin announced that as of August 31, 2022, net assets were $224,685.75, and the net income to date is $1,571.24.

Triathlete Club: Kory reported that podiatrist Dr. George Merritt will be the guest speaker next Monday at the club meeting and will talk about foot health.

Race Director Coordinator: Mary Jean reported that efforts are underway to make sure the 2023 Tallahassee Marathon takes place. Felton Wright and David Yon are doing a good job bringing people together to help out on various committees but more are needed, especially a designated person to oversee all aspects of the race. The next marathon meeting will take place on Sunday, September 18 at the Wright’s house. In addition, the next GWTC Race Directors meeting will take place on Sunday, September 25 at the Yon’s house.

Newsletter: Robert Skrob said that the deadline for submissions to the Fleet Foot is the 23rd.

Membership: Mark reported for Jo Lena Bryan. There are currently 1312 members, compared to 1056 at this time last year. There are now 718 household memberships compared to 563 at this time last year.

Diversity/IRC Report: Jeanne reported for Danny Manausa and Gabrielle Gabrielli. The summer IRC program went well. An average of 25 children participated each week. The kids really liked the sessions and have asked IRC if there can be another program soon. Three of the older runners braved the elements and ran the Sickle Cell 5K. One broke 20 minutes in his first-ever 5K, and an 8-year old completed the full 5K. Due to donated shirts and a church bus, it looks like the committee will be more than 50% under budget. The final figures will be available next week. The committee also helped five RAA Middle School athletes obtain shoes along with obtaining shoes for ten athletes working with Harold Allen, Jr.

Education and Lecture: Judy Alexander contacted Paul about a possible hosting a panel and he has not responded yet.

Mark would like to get a report from the current Nominating Committee. Mark will not run for president again, and he asked Board members to reach out to members who would be interested in leadership positions of the club. Next year, Mark will be the past president and will take over the Nominating Committee.

Website: Nothing to report.

Chenoweth Fund: Nothing to report.

Merchandise: Jeanne reported for Laura McDermott. Clothing and merchandise sales totaled $780.00 from three races: Breakfast on the Track, Miller Landing Madness, and the Summer Trail Series.

Equipment: No equipment issues to report.

Chip Timing Report: Bill Lott reported that during August, GWTC chip timed one non-Club race (St, George Island Sizzler 5K) and three Club races (Breakfast on the Track Mile; Miller Landing Madness 8K/5K/3K; and Summer Trail Series Race #4 – Cadillac Trail). In September, one non-Club race (Bluebird Run for Brookie B. 5K) and three Club races (Sickle Cell 5K/1M; Women’s Distance Festival 5K/1M; and Prefontaine 5K Forest Run) are scheduled to be timed. Scheduled to be chip timed in October are one Club race (Pine Run 20K) and one non-Club race (Boston Mini-Marathon (13.1M)/5K Run/5K Walk).

Grand Prix: Mark Tombrink indicated that only a few applications have been received for non-club races for 2023 Grand Prix status. The nomination forms for Annual Awards will be available on October 1st. Mark Priddy said that three people will be rolling off the Grand Prix

Committee and new people are needed. Mark Tombrink, Philip Sura, and Kat Sack are rotating off.

Social: No report.

Meeting adjourned: 8:12 p.m.









Respectfully submitted, Jeanne O’Kon

GWTC Secretary


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