Monday Night Springtime Tallahassee Training Group

Running Group Name: Monday Night Springtime Tallahassee Training Group

  • Goal for group: Free Nine-Week Specific Training for Springtime 10K
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  • Duration: Approx 8 weeks; Starts February 4, 2019
  • Time: 6:00 p.m.
  • Location: Myers Park at the Picnic Pavilion overlooking the pool (904 Myers Park Drive)
  • Preparation: Please be prepared to run 2 miles at your own pace on the first day
  • Training plans: Training groups will be available for different groups based on the needs of the participants. It is expected to include groups for beginning, intermediate and advanced runners. There will also be a run walk group that will do a 2 minute run and 1 minute walk.
  • The training run will begin with a two-mile loop that all runners will run the first week. More advance runners may add on miles by running extra loop(s). Additional miles will be added as the training run progresses.
  • Helpful Hints: Be prepared to begin running at the starting time and be dressed appropriately with proper running shoes and reflective clothing. Running headlamps could be helpful as well. Running partners are encouraged, but solo runners are welcome as well. Save & Add To Library
  • Requirements: No fees. We will be training on sidewalks and on the road on portions of the actual Springtime course. All participants are responsible for their own safety. Weekly run maps will be posted to the Facebook event page. All participants who follow the program will be able to successfully complete the Springtime 10K run.
  • Participants are responsible for their own Springtime 10K entry fees and are also encouraged to join Gulf Winds Track Club.
  • Contact: Zack and Rachel Scharlepp for more info about the race.
  • Have questions about GWTC Springtime 10K Training Group 2019? Contact Tom Biance or Zack and Rachel Scharlepp