Summertime is hot and the race for Summer Track Grand Prix points began June 3. Dave Rogers promises that this year’s circuit will be the best yet. And he is wielding some strange power to make it happen.

The first event saw Hobson Fulmer best the field with a rip-roaring 12.89 victory in the 100-meter dash. Marion Jones, track side for this historic event, said: “I am not worried. Well, maybe I am. I am not sure that guy is going to live.” Hobson responded that he was willing to go 26 miles with her any day she wanted. Jay Silvanima, Mr. Myopia (see A Myopic View of Track Meet #1), was second in 13 minutes (or was that seconds) flat.

Skyler Perkins raced to the front of the women’s pack, winning the 100-meter event in 17.70 seconds. Julie Clark tuned up for the 5 Mile Bash by taking second place in 17.75. “If I could put 800 of these back to back, I could set a world record at The 5 Mile Bash,” said Julie. (Now don’t go looking at those Bash Results.)

In a strange development for the summer track meet, Dave Rogers, showed up at the GWTC meeting on Wednesday evening and cast a strange spell over the group. Those of you who know Dave, know that most of the time the only cover on his feet is his hair. (Ok, maybe that one is a little bit of a stretch.) Well, as each board member entered the home of Jeane O’Kon and Tom Perkins Wednesday, they were hit by an irresistible urge to remove their shoes. Dave then took control of the meeting and somehow persuaded the club to transfer most of its assets to fund the Summer Track Season. “I am tired of wasting money on sissy sports like road racing. From now on this club will be known as Gulf Winds Track Club.” “I have never seen anything like it,” club President David Yon stated. “All these board members sitting around in their bare feet taking orders from this long haired guy.” Craig Masback, CEO for United States Track and Field was very pleased to hear about these developments. “This is exactly the type of action we need to restore track and field to its rightful place in the world.”

So don’t miss the next meet.

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