New Features Added to Race Results Search

While you were running, John McCoy has been hard at work converting the race results listed on the Gulf Winds website to a database.  The database houses over 240,000 individual race results, so this was no small feat!  As a result of John’s efforts, he has implemented a new search feature which will enable greater flexibility in searching the race results.  For example, if you have changed your name over the years you can view your results in one search which will return race results under all of your names (John attempted to correct existing inconsistencies in how your names were reported).  You can also limit your search criteria to a certain race distance, date range, race, age group and a host of other criteria, and can have the information displayed in order by date, race distance, name, etc.  Of course if you like things the way they are, no problem.  The old search engine is not going anywhere – at least not for a while. 

To perform a simple search of your race results, go to this link:

  • Do not make any changes in the “Select Statement” section.
  • In the “Where Statement” section, change “John” to your first name and “Smith” to your last name (do not remove the quotation marks).
  • If you want the information displayed in an order other than distance, then race date, look at the options available by selecting the “Order Examples” button to choose the order. 
  • Select the “Execute SQL” button, and the results you have “queried” from the database will appear.
  • You can print the data displayed (one page at a time) by selecting the “Print” button (see the “Tutorial” button for additional print instructions).
  • You can save the data displayed – see the “Tutorial” button for instructions on how to save the data.

The database is queried using “SQL” (structured query language), so if you have a knowledge of SQL feel free to structure queries to display the information that you are looking for.  John has provided a tutorial which outlines the fields available to choose from, and has provided numerous examples in the “Where Examples” and “Order Examples,” so chances are he has already structured a query to suit your needs. 

The database has been in beta testing for some time now and should be working smoothly; however, if you find that any information previously available in the search results feature is missing or incorrect, please let John know (  For the time being, the link to the original race results feature ( is still available. 

Note that only results currently posted on the GWTC website are included in the database.  If you have complete results in electronic form (preferably Excel) from GWTC  races not currently posted on the website, please submit them, and we will add them to the database.  Do not submit individual race results – submit additions only if you have complete results for a given race. 

John spent countless hours on this project, so please join me in thanking him for his hard work!

Peg Griffin