Business Meeting, November 10, 1999 Home of Paul and Gina Hiers

Board Members Present: David Yon, Paul Hiers, Cynthia Christen, Rex Cleveland, Mae Cleveland, Charlie Yates, Bill de Grummond, Paul Hoover, Mary Jean Yon, Joe Dexter

Board Members Absent: Pheona Kaiser, Gary Kenney, Will Walker, Tom Perkins, Brian Corbin.

Others Present: Gary Griffin, Mary Jane Tappen

David Yon, President, called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.

Minutes from the October meeting were distributed and read by Cynthia Christen.

Minutes were read and accepted with a minor correction.

Treasurer’s Report – Pheona Kaiser

No report.

Membership Report – Brian Corbin

No report.

Equipment Report – Joe Dexter

The big clock is dead. In the past we sent it back to the company, but the box is not good enough for shipping. We have had it about 10 years. Perhaps Lively Vocational can check it, and fix it.

Special Thank You – Mary Jane Tappen

Mary Jane reported about her participation at the World Triathlon Championship. GWTC helped to sponsor her. It was a fabulous experience, and her family was able to join her. Some of the venues were those used in the Montreal Olympics, which Mary Jane was fortunate to attend with her family. She had a scrap book of the whole adventure. The Americans got the majority of the medals, especially in the older age categories.

Newsletter Report – Rex Cleveland

Rex has an idea that would save the editor’s time. It is to have the ads for races as flyers and do a separate bulk rate mailing rather than to include as a page in the newsletter. A full size flyer is easier to read and can include all of the information sometimes deleted to fit the smaller sized page of the newsletter. We could charge the non-Club races for the mailing, which could cover our expenses.

Social Director – Sarah Docter-Williams

No report.

Race Director – Will Walker (in absentia)

Flash 12K – Joe Dexter

Joe presented the budget, which proposes a net profit of $338. The race will start at 8:30 a.m. to try to beat the heavier traffic. Paul Hiers made motion to accept the budget, Rex seconded. Passed.

Turkey Trot

The community honoree is Jesse Close. Publix is a sponsor for $500.

Springtime – Paul Hiers

The first meeting is next week.

Tallahassee Marathon – (February 16) – Gary Griffin

It will be held in memory of Craig Hasty. The course is new, and difficult, starting and ending at Tallahassee Nurseries. There is still a need for a postrace sponsor. About 100 volunteers are required for the event. Budget presented, Rex moved to accept, Mary Jean seconded, passed.

Chenoweth Committee – Mae Cleveland

Gary Griffin, who was in attendance tonight, and works for the IRS, heard the reading of the Minutes about the 501(c)(3) status of the Chenoweth Fund and GWTC. He recently saw our name listed as a tax exempt organization. He will check into that as well as to the threshold income required to file a tax return.

The Fund benefited from the Wilderness Run, with about $1500.

Election Committee – Mae Cleveland

Ballots will be mailed soon. Only about 25% usually return their ballots.

Awards Committee – Bill de Grummond

No report. The awards ceremony is January 31.

Lecture Series – Mary Jean Yon

On November 15, Paul Hiers and Will Walker will present Race Directing 101.

New Business

The Club has a new Web address – Gulf David received an e-mail from the author of “On the Road,” in Runner’s World . March will feature Tallahassee! There is a picnic on Sunday at Lafayette Park hosted by the Capital City Christian Crusaders to which all GWTC members are cordially invited.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:57 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Cynthia K. Christen


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