Business Meeting, November 14th, 2000 Hosted by Sara Docter-Williams

Present were Paul Hires, Mae Cleveland, Cynthia Christen, Bryan Corbin, Tom Perkins, bob Prentis, Paul Hoover, Joe and Nadine Dexter, Charlie Yates, Sarah Docter-Williams, Gary and Peg Grifin, Bill McGuire and Tim and Lisa Unger.

Paul Hires called the meeting to order at 7:45 p.m.. Meeting of the October meeting were distributed and accepted.

Gary Griffin presented the 2001 Tallahassee Marathon budget and an update. The proceeds from this year’s marathon will be split with the Capital City Christian Crusaders and GWTC. They will also be selling mile markers this year for $50.00 each.

Bill McGuire reported on his efforts to get Jeff Galloway to come to Tallahassee and do a seminar as part of GWTC’s 25th Anniversary activities. Nothing is final at this time and Bill will continue to pursue this.

Charlie Yates proposed the formation of a committee to develop and sell 25th Anniversary t-shirts with no cost to the Club and profits to go to GWTC. Motion was carried.

Tim Unger presented a GWTC “racing team” proposal for consideration for 2001. Written information was provided and will be more fully considered at the December meeting.

Chenoweth Committee Report: Mae Cleveland gave a report on the spaghetti supper at Manny’s Restaurant. The event was a great success and raised approximately $900 for the Chenoweth Fund. Bob Prentis gave a report on the Wilderness Run which raised $1436 for the Fund.

Treasurer’s Report: Bob Prentis presented and discussed the budget. A motion was made and passed to lock $8,000 from the Building Fund into either a CD or a Money Market Account in order to earn interest. Also discussed how the “locked in principle” of the Chenoweth Fund is invested.

GWTC received a $500 donation from the Tallahassee Sports Council for our past support of athletic activities in the community. The check will be held until we find out exactly what they would like us to do with the funds.

A letter was read from the Women’s Pavilion thanking GWTC, especially Julie Clark, for all of the time and effort that went into putting on the Womens Distance Festival.

Sarah Docter-Williams gave an update on the Christmas Party. The plans are progressing well and the only question mark at this time is the DJ. It is scheduled for Saturday, December 16 at the Legion Hall on Lake Ella.

Membership Report: Brian Corbin reported that there are currently 950 members representing 604 memberships.

The Race Director Coordinator’s position was discussed and it was indicated that if anyone is interested or knows someone interested in this position they should contact Paul Hires.

Equipment Report: Joe Dexter reported that the large clock was damaged by water after being loaned out for a high school cross county meet. It is estimated that it will cost approximately $300 for shipping and repairs. There was an ensuing discussion about tighter controls on loaning this equipment out and who is responsible for damage suffered when it is loaned out.

There was a general discussion on the forming of a GWTC youth running team for ages 4 – 12 and stressing the recreational aspect rather than competition. No formal action was taken.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:10 p.m.


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