November 8, 2006 Business Meeting Hosted by Joe and Nadine Dexter

Board/GWTC Members present: Tom Perkins, David and Mary Jean Yon, Beth Alexander, Charlie Yates, Judy Alexander, Fred and Margarete Deckert, Joe and Nadine Dexter, Bill Lott Lisa Unger, Bonnie Wright, Jerry and Jackie McDaniel, and Jay Silvanima.

Tom Perkins called the meeting to order at 7:40 PM and quorum was established. The October minutes were reviewed. A motion was made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote to accept the minutes as revised.


Race Director —Judy Alexander submitted the budget for the 10 Mile Challenge/5M Race on December 2 for which motion was made, seconded and passed by unanimous vote to accept the budget as presented. Jerry and Jackie McDaniel presented the budget for the 30K115K on January 13, 2007. A motion was made and seconded to accept the budget as offered and passed by unanimous vote. Jay Silvanima presented a draft of the budget for the Tallahassee Marathon/Half marathon on February 4, 2007. Jay would like to give out Dri Fit Microfiber shirts and is checking on prices. Discussion also included the suggestion he add a line for an EMT vehicle. He would like 50% of proceeds donated to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Team Journey of Hope.

Race Director Coordinator — Charlie Yates reported a new race on the calendar. the Apalachicola River Run 5K on November 25 directed by Bobby York. Bowlegs 5K graciously agreed to change the date of the 5K to January 20, 2007 to resolve the conflict with the 30K date. He keeps a supply of Club stationary and envelopes if anyone needs any. Charlie also offered a shoe from Nike with GPS built into it for inspection.

Clothing Coordinator – Margarete Deckert reports no business in October.

Newsletter — Fred Deckert no report He expressed concern with the traffic control at the Christmas Connection 5K. If it is on the Grand Prix Race schedule for next year, safety is a concern. Tom Perkins reported he spoke to the race director after the race and opened the lines of communication regarding future race safety. Tom also discussed some of the obstacles that the Christmas Connection faced since the date was also a home football game. Police were busy even though they had promised to assist with traffic.

Treasurer’s Report — Bonnie Wright reviewed the budget for October. One CD matures on 11/30/06. Discussion followed about what to do with the money. A second CD matures on February 22. One idea was to roll the November CD into a new CD even though rates a low, another was to wait and combine both CDs in February to obtain a better interest rate. A motion was made to roll over the November CD into a new 6 month CD. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously. Also, $10,000 from Chenoweth will be moved to a 6 month CD.

Chenoweth Fund — David Yon requested that $1000 be presented to the All-Star Cross Country Meet for High School seniors of the state. A motion was seconded, and passed unanimously.

Training Committee — Nadine Dexter reported 38 of the 52 paying students graduated from the Beginning Running Class. The FSUCares 5K race course has changed due to a congested campus on Homecoming morning. The first mile will run downtown briefly in order to reach a total 5K distance. Also, there will be a Health Fair associated with the race at the finish line at the College of Medicine.

Equipment — Joe Dexter bought a new clock

Grand Prix Committee — Lisa Unger announced that annual awards nominations are open until November 30.

Membership — Peg Griffin reported that there are currently 758 members represented by 447 households. She is starting to receive membership renewals.

Social Coordinator — no report.

Lecture Series — no report.

Racing Team Report — no report.

Loose Ends:

Fred Deckert believes it is time to make a decision about the credit card machine. Most agree it would be a great addition, but logistics are not worked out Also, no volunteers stepped up to take responsibility.

There was a motion to adjourn at 9:00 PM, which was seconded and passed by unanimous vote.

The next board meeting will be held on December 13, 2006 hosted by Bonnie Wright.

These minutes have not been reviewed and accepted by the Board.

Beth Alexander, Secretary


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